National Budget fever: Gov’t problem not yours

National Budget fever: Gov’t problem not yours


As usual, Uganda’s budget this week is being treated like a wedding budget that relatives clamour for from the moment you tell them you are getting married.
Of course, none of them accepts the reality that the amount of money they should contribute really has nothing to do with the budget you have drawn up, just as the amount of taxes you are supposed to pay is the same regardless of what the national objectives are.

But still, your relatives will insist, “Where is the budget?” when you go to begin the fundraising process.
Just as lots of money is spent on the national budget process, including that splashed on debates and cocktail parties, wedding bagole also tend to spend millions on their budget – organising meetings, printing numerous copies and going left, right, centre to deliver them to their relatives.
Then the agonising part begins, of people sitting down to ask, “Why are you buying so many crates of beer?” and “Why don’t you take your reception to Uncle so-and-so’s hotel, instead of Munyonyo?”
And at the end of the day, these same relatives who make the most noise during meetings will be the ones dodging after making pledges, just the same way people dodge paying taxes.