Muhwezi breaks daughter’s heart

Muhwezi breaks daughter’s heart


Information Minister Jim Muhwezi’s prominent absentia at his daughter’s wedding made his presence in another wedding, held on the same day, just as conspicuous. His actions appear to have been a miscalculated move that has stirred a tenacious wave of murmur and rumour among relatives, friends and the public who are stilled engulfed in mystery. People have been quick to blame the usual suspect, the other woman, but there is more than meets the eye, writes RAPHAEL OKELLO 

If it was any other ordinary man, many would have assumed that it was the allure of Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo’s exotic food or the farcical satisfaction derived from rubbing shoulders with the first son, Gen Otafiire and Elly Tumwine among other high flying personalities that compelled Jim Muhwezi to attend ’s and not his daughter’s wedding last Saturday.
But this is not an ordinary man. Muhwezi is the minister of Information and National Guidance. He is a decorated bush war hero who shared the same trenches and mosquito battles with some of the power brokers at the Kavuuya wedding like Elly Tumwine and Otafiire.
And he is no stranger to seven course meals. So none of those would pass for plausible excuses for Muhwezi to pass the wedding of Sherron Kirabo Muhwezi, his daughter, for another. In fact few explanations would cut the grid.
Of course matters of a man’s family should remain as domesticated as possible, but Muhwezi’s evident absentia at Sherron’s wedding has induced the vice of gossip in everyone. It has been the hottest Social Media mystery that has taken over the Game of Thrones discussion on whether the character Jon Snow is dead or will live.


The truth is that even when he became the staple subject of murmur at Brian Kavuuya’s wedding where he paraded himself like a banner at the church ceremony, reception cocktail and dinner no one asked him why he wasn’t at his daughter’s wedding. The guests who were puzzled by his presence, because they expected him at another wedding, thought Muhwezi would quietly sit in the corner and hide behind the exquisite menu.
No one had and still has answers. Only Muhwezi knows why. But no one is bold enough to ask him. It is common knowledge that men of Muhwezi’s military stature are not questioned but we dare to unmask the mystery of the General’s Daughter.

On Saturday, there were two weddings: Brian Kavuuya wedding Kara Komuhangi. And Sherron Kirabo Muhwezi wedding Charles Rukundo.
Brian is the son of businessman, Ben Kavuuya. Kavuuya is a relative of Susan Muhwezi (Jim Muhwezi’s wife). Sherron is daughter of Jim Muhwezi and Jane Nyakana Adyeri. Both weddings were a collage of Uganda’s glitterati hosted at extravagant receptions in upscale hotels. The Kavuuyas were at Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo and Sherron at Lake Victoria Hotel Serena.
Sherron’s wedding was graced by among others BOU Governor Emmanuel Mutebile, King Oyo of Tooro and Best Kemigisha Oyo’s mother and Police chief Felix Kaweesi.
Kavuuya’s reception was a showpiece gathering of Uganda’s most powerful and influential families with exquisite taste in beauty, fashion and style. Among those in attendance were Gen Elly Tumwiine, Sudhir Ruparelia and Gen Otafiire among others.
But the Kavuuya wedding eclipsed Sherron’s wedding not necessarily because of the personalities in attendance but because there was a missing link – the father of the bride.


Parents of his class sometimes shun weddings when they feel that their daughters have married outside the caste, like lawyer John Katende did when his daughter married a cleaner. But Sherron’s husband doesn’t come with rugs and mops; he is an Aeronautic engineer, son of Amos Nzeyi’s sister Olive Sebuguju who owns Little Ritz restaurant in UMA show Grounds Lugogo.