Benon Kibuuka and Bebe Cool accused of swindling 700M meant for artists’...

Benon Kibuuka and Bebe Cool accused of swindling 700M meant for artists’ sacco

Andrew Benon Kibuuka
Andrew Benon Kibuuka

The president of Uganda rights performers association, Andrew Benon Kibuka, is in a hot seat. A section of Kadongo Kamu Musicians who include; DJ Kikofira, Paul Katongole, among many are accusing Kibuka for incompetence and allegedly conniving with Bebe Cool to swindle money amounting to shs. 700M which was donated to the artist’s SACCO by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

On Tuesday, the Kadongo musicians gathered at Big Bar Makindye where they discussed a number of issues. Among them; Kibuka’s failure to boost the Kadongo Kamu genre.

“I am not happy with Kibuka’s leadership because he hasn’t done any good for us since he became president. He only sides more with those raga Muffins yet Kadongo Kamu is the backbone of music in Uganda. They have killed the industry,” said DJ Kikofira

The musicians expressed discontent at missing out on the Museveni cash. “You know the president injected money in our SACCO but Kibuka has never given us anything. It’s him and Bebe Cool who have benefited from the money yet it was meant for all performers” he added.

After a heated argument, they resolved to dethrone Benon Kibuka and instead voted for DJ Kikofira. We however, can’t put a weight to the amount of credibility their voting holds.