Simba’s Kapalaga to head Save Jeremiah Fundraising at Panamera Tomorrow

Simba’s Kapalaga to head Save Jeremiah Fundraising at Panamera Tomorrow


By Winnie Nakassanje

When chronicle diseases hit Uganda, a layman thought he had been left out for they were diseases of the rich who could afford treatment. It later became everyone’s concern and Ugandans have come on board to rescue the patients. It all begun with the Carol Atuhaire car wash that registered more success than expected. People gained more and more hope.

The current Jeremiah campaign was spearheaded by Kaddongokamu Artiste Kapalaga in a Facebook post and other concerned Artistes like Bobi Wine and Lyto Boss came on board to give a hand.

In his post, Kapalaga narrated his encounter with the patient and why he chose to help. It stated;

“About 6 years ago I lost a cousin I just adored so much. Emma died of a heart failure and I wish I could do something at that time. I was no body. He was only 5yrs. 
Now, when I am somebody,
I had gone to a show down in Buda Masaka when I met this sad mother. Her name is Nakate Hasifa. She was holding a baby, ‘Jeremiah Muwonge’ 1 and half years and he is suffering from atrial septal defect (ASD) commonly known as hole in the heart. I immediately remembered my Emma and literary she
I prayed to my God that if he gave mi people who believe in me, then he can make them make a miracle for Jeremiah. He needs 20m to take a heart surgery. I and you can do this.” 

The campaign has been on for a month and the team has organized a car wash at Paramera bar in a bid to raise 20million shillings to have Jeremiah operated at Mulago Hospital. Artiste Kapalaga says that in the course of this one month, he received two more children with similar problems and they are also part of the campaign. People with cars are to pay 50,000shs and those with bicycles and motorcycles, 10,000shs.