Andrew Godlin search intensifies

Andrew Godlin search intensifies

Andrew Godlin who is being looked for by police

The Police in Uganda are scouring the outskirts of Kampala in search for Andrew Godlin and Musoke Micheal. Albeit mysterious, the reason the two have fled the prying eyes of Police was kept away from the public’s eye. According to sources however, the two were once held on account of homosexuality. The source further points out and says, the two men were caught engaging in what was labeled by the society of Bweyogerere, where they were living with their parents, as immoral conduct.

“Around June 2014, Mugisha and Andrew Godlin were caught having gay sex and the society set out to lynch them. They were saved by police, only it wasn’t being saved. The police attempted to incarcerate both Mugisha Roger and Andrew Godlin. On attempting to escape through the Malaba boarder of Uganda, Mugisha was caught and was shortly held at Malaba Police station before being transferred to the Uganda main prison, Luzira,” relays a source.

Roger Mugisha who was imprisoned

The source further reveals that Mugisha was caught under the account of breaking the Anti Homosexuality act.

The police is still looking for Andrew Godlin who miraculously slithered through the strict hands of the Ugandan police to an unknown destination. Relatives reveal that the police has stormed many of his known hangout places and ancestral village in search for him.

Mugisha supposed to appear before court on 15th October, while the whereabout of his partner, Andrew Godlin are still a mystery.