Interview-Meet Victoria University’s Vice Chancellor

Interview-Meet Victoria University’s Vice Chancellor



We prioritize student welfare, academic excellence and innovation-Nyakaana


Acting Vice Chancellor Joseph Nyakaana launching Victoria Cafe.
Acting Vice Chancellor Joseph Nyakaana launching Victoria Cafe.

Victoria University has had hordes of astounding transformations for the past couple of weeks. Among them; the birth of a swanky eatery; Victoria Café, and guild elections, among other things that have kept the cloud of mystery about the university ever so thick. The Kampala Sun’s Owen Wegabaza had an interview with Acting Vice Chancellor Mr Joseph Nyakana to demystify everything.



Tell us a brief background about Victoria University?


Victoria University is a private higher institution of learning located in the heart of Kampala city where excellence is cherished, pursued and celebrated.

As an institution we prioritize student welfare and focus on education that promotes active participants in the transformation of societies. The academics at Victoria University have rich collaborative relations with global scholars with whom they share a commitment to advance knowledge and address challenges in areas as diverse as Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Business Management, Science and Technology.

The university boasts of a team of outstanding staff, state of the art learning environment and easily accessible campus, culture, technology, government, business and the economy.

Victoria University premises
Victoria University premises

What sets Victoria University apart from other universities, as in, what can interest a student to join Victoria University?

Victoria University strives to increase academic excellence and distinctiveness. We enhance our distinctive commitment to academic excellence demonstrated by the work of students who take responsibility for their learning and who are encouraged and guided by faculty dedicated to innovative teaching and actively engaged in scholarly and active work that advances their fields.


In order to help our students especially those with an international background adapt quickly to life in Kampala, at the beginning of each academic year the University Registrar organizes a special introduction programme .Throughout the year social and cultural activities are organized. Activities include sports events, a cultural day, excursions, movies and performances. The students have a new Café “Victoria Café” that allows them space to engage interact and have fun activities that are educational and entertaining.


Victoria University is a highly diverse international community of staff and students from different parts of the globe, which brings together people, ideas and insights in a multi-disciplinary setting which nurtures, fosters and promotes critical thinking and conducts innovative action research into fundamental social problems.


We pride in giving one of the best teaching and learning infrastructure in the country with a very rich curriculum to make our students competitive in the job market. The university is equipped with computer labs, a well-stocked library, free wi-fi, ample parking space and the Learning environment is unique and cut out for the international audiences since the classes are not crowded. The classes are fully air conditioned, with smart boards and computers in all classes.


The programmes at Victoria University are all responding to the addressing Individual needs and community problems. More importantly they are all accredited by National Council for Higher Education and the professional bodies for those that require certification. This provides for eligibility for entry to other higher degree programmes and other countries worldwide.


We recognize that our students want to make impact in their lives yet the industry needs hands on experience. So provide them mandatory internship placements and provide them an education and possibly a strong network that will make them what they aspire to be.

Tell us about the university culture?


The university culture of Victoria University encourages global competitiveness, entrepreneurship, team work, creativity and innovation. As a university in the city centre the university whose students come from different countries encourages and promotes diversity by dedicating a day in the year to learn about each ones culture. In other words VU reflects on its combination of educational excellence, high quality of life, and diverse student community.

Giving back to society is at the heart of what our students do and last but not least Study while you have fun is the norm.

What are some of the accredited courses offered at Victoria University and why did you choose such courses. In other words, of what value are such courses to Uganda. [If the courses are very many, you can choose a few courses of your choice that you would want the public to know about]

We created heterogeneity with homogeneity. The programmes blend beyond functional specialization but sector specialization. We offer foundation , diploma and degree programmes under the Faculties of Business and Management, Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Technology and the Department of Petroleum and Energy. We also have tailor made courses to respond to specific client’s needs.

The university offers free laptops to every new student
The university offers free laptops to every new student

And anything else that you would want to tell the public about Victoria University.  


The University has been undergoing a constructive destruction of our own models and approaches. For us to achieve our strategic vision of academic excellence, we acknowledge that it is not a single day phenomena. It is a continuous phenomenon. As such new recruitments and reskilling of our faculties has been ongoing. The University Council is more active with policy formulation, supervision and hiring of management. It recently hired a new Vice Chancellor who will join us in January 2017. Recruitment of faculty deans, full time faculty and staff is ongoing.

We wish to re-assure our parents and students that all is being done to ensure the students get the best value for their money as far as their education is concerned. What the University Council is looking for in our new Vice-Chancellor and Deans is a leader who, unequivocally shares our passion for excellence – right across the spectrum of basic, applied and policy-focused research, of education and training, and of public engagement and outreach and who is capable of delivering just that in an ever-changing, and very challenging, higher education environment.