Scandal-Dance with me video might break Maro’s marriage

Scandal-Dance with me video might break Maro’s marriage



Musical artistes Buka Chimey and Kendy Kudzey of the Bantu Clan recently teamed up with Maro on a song dubbed Dance with Me. And we thought it was just another of those collaborations that sound good. But it wasn’t. There was something about the dance ballad that evoked the hype it had as soon as the audio was released. And just when we haven’t quite wrapped our heads around the audio, pictures of the video shooting have started making rounds. Even aggravating the hype.


That the video was shot by Meddie Menz of Mirage Concepts is not why the pictures have evoked the controversy. But rather, it was how, in most of the pictures,  the RnB Kyabazinga Ronald Magada alias Maro appears locked in compromising situations with the video vixens. Although the video vixens name hasn’t been identified, rumor abounds that the pictures haven’t sat well with Maro’s Mzungu girlfriend.

The picture evoking the controversy

When we reached out to Maro, he maintained that the pictures were simply part of a music video script and that the rumors circulating that the two are intimate shouldn’t be taken seriously.

When we reached out to Bantu Pro country director, Cindy Bagenda, the studio house under which the song was recorded, she was surprised.

“Such things are part of showbiz. And if by now, Ugandans haven’t gotten to a level of appreciation where art is perceived and treated as art, then there needs to be a sensitization,” relayed Cindy!