Satire: Did April fool’s Day come too early in Kampala?

Satire: Did April fool’s Day come too early in Kampala?


By Ronnie Twinamasiko
Last year, there was a story that traditional herbalist; Mama Fiina had enrolled at the Uganda Christian University to pursue a Bachelor’s degree. The story went viral on the internet. Many believed the news, but it turned out that it was an April 1 prank. Every year people save time on that day to play foolery, officially. It is the only day you can do stupid around your boss and get away with it. Journalists can write fake news and survive lawsuits. Your Ex could call your cell phone and suggest a rekindle, huh! Fools day is entertaining like that.
We have had a fair share of such foolery over the years, but this year Fools day came way too early.

Trump became President
Trump once said he would date his daughter. He gropes womens’ butts. He called women ‘wonderful pieces of ass’ He has an acerbic tongue, but nonetheless, he is America’s president. One of the most powerful countries in the universe. Most people are yet to accept it as a fact, but merely some joke or bad dream.

Donald Trump's victory was treated as a joke
Donald Trump’s victory was treated as a joke

Chameleone made a Come back

Chameleone is regular in the news lately. He is there for all reasons but stunts. Just the other day a lady walked to the Vision group offices claiming she is Chameleone’s daughter. It has since been ruled out as a stunt tailored to grab headlines. The Leone Island boss has a concert in June. He will kill to be in our faces. That he has been off the boil for a long time, observers are skeptical on whether he will pull a crowd. His has been aggressive about releasing new music, but most of his songs are being met with deaf ears.

His comeback is a joke.

Janet Museveni forgave Stella Nyanzi

Stella Nyanzi is the chic of the moment. She of the sanitary pads fame, obscenity fame, nude fame and so many other things. Recently she has been pushing arrows into the something somethings of the leopard and the leopardess. It has caused her trouble. Everyone was warned; Thou shall not push your hands into the anus of a leopard. Nyanzi broke the rules, but during an interview with a local television station, the leopardess said: ‘I have forgiven her’

She was forgiven, but fired from her job at Makerere University, and apparently she cannot travel abroad.

Mc Kats reconciled with Fille

Welcome back from Mars or wherever you have been if you do not know that Kats and his fiancée faked a break up, and a brutal fight. Kats and Fille’s love affair is not something we take serious since they lied about a wedding. Every day is fools day in Kats’ mind. He recently bought his wife a new ride claiming that it was a gift to thank Fille for giving him a second chance.
Haha. Second Chance, my foot!

Fille and Mc Katts were accused of taking the public for a ride following their widely publicized split
Fille and Mc Katts were accused of taking the public for a ride following their widely publicized split

Isabirye’s Kwanjula was a secret affair
There something about Isabirye; he attracts women. He is not a Ryan Gosling, but he draws dem girls. He is in the book of records for marrying different women. He grabbed headlines some years back on his wedding with Rebecca Jjingo. The pair flew in a chopper to their reception. That is Isbairye for you. When he weds the whole world must know. He recently Kwanjulad a social media Queen, Natie K. Their ceremony was however an under the carpet affair.
Now that is not how Isabirye does his things.

Joel Isabirye's  engagement was treated as an April Fool's day joke.
Joel Isabirye’s engagement was treated as an April Fool’s day joke.

Kenzo released Music
Where is Kenzo? In the Queen’s palace learning English? No. He retired? No. So where is he? He is around. He has songs. Plenty of them. That’s a joke, isn’t it?

His songs tetuziwulila.