City lawyer introduces scribe Darius Mugisha

City lawyer introduces scribe Darius Mugisha


On Bended Knee. Darius Mugisha fits an engagement ring on Cassandra’s finger
By Kampala Sun writer
Cassandra Mbabazi, a city lawyer and partner with Newmark Advocates in Kampala has introduced veteran scribe Darius Mugisha.
The official introduction (Kuhingira) took place at the home of Cassandra’s parents in Kashaari, Mbarara on Saturday.
Our moles there tell us that the 33-year-old Mugisha, whose previous love life has been a catalogue of rejects and heart breaks, couldn’t believe his luck when her parents gave the green light.
With tears welling down his fat cheeks, the Mugisha went on bended knee and planted a 22-carat gold engagement ring, followed by a smacker that bemused the gathered crowd.
Mugisha’s entourage, which included comedian Patrick Salvador Idringi, Tonny Mutengu, Sams Kaggwa, Patrick kanyomozi, fellow partner Henry Ssali and a host others, broke into ululation.
Part of Mugisha’s entourage at the Kuhingira

They privately reckon that his days of feeding on road side Rolex and half-prepared pork from dinghy pork joints are over.
The two have been seeing each other for close to a year now and they have realized it’s enough of bonking secretly and decided to make it official.
Mariat and Darius are were once lovers but called it off

We are told after amicably breaking up with his baby mama, Mugisha tried to make things work out with Galaxy FM station manager Mariat Candace Nasasira but hit a snag as each wasn’t willing to convert to the other’s religion. Mugisha is a staunch catholic while Mariat is a Muslim.
With the No-nonsense Cassandra now in the picture, we can predict that Mugisha’s nocturnal sojourns at different happening places are likely to ground to a halt.