Quit Alcohol or I Quit- Daniella to Chameleone

Quit Alcohol or I Quit- Daniella to Chameleone


By Ronnie Twinamasiko

Chameleon and Daniella swapping cake



For how long will Jose Chameleone’s wife, Daniella Atim be safe in her marital bed? The Kampala Sun has learnt that she has withdrawn her divorce petition. Mediations were reportedly conducted about a week ago under the watch of a one, Elly Kataswa of Nakawa court. According to a source privy to the mediation details, Daniella accepted to return on grounds that Chameleone reduces on his alcohol consumption.

The couple at Chameleon’s birthday

She relayed in her petition earlier that Chameleone returned home drunk, often battering her under the influence of the bottle. The two have been walking arm in arm, visiting media houses, going to yoghurt shops and happening joints. Chameleone has done all to win his Daniella back, and he has won the battle. However, he has one thing left to do. He has to stop drinking too much. It is a hard thing to ask for, because you don’t quit overnight. Here is our advice for Chameleone if he wants to quit alcohol.




Avoid his brothers

The Mayanja brothers

Since Chameleone rekindled his friendship with his brothers, Weasel, Humphrey and Pallaso, they have been his partners in crime. They are celebrated drunkards. Weasel has been drunk through all his years that he has failed to count the number of children he has.

Chameleone should just stay away from his brother.


Turn down sponsorship deals from breweries

Chameleone is a big brand. He attracts advertisers. He has had an array of deals from brewery companies going his way. Many years ago, he sang a song in praise of beer. He has also featured on billboards. When you represent a beer company, you ought to be seen drinking the brand so others get inspired. However, much as these deals are lucrative, Chameleone may have to run away from them.


Convert to Islam

Religion does not permit people to drink alcohol. It could thus help a great deal if Chameleone converts to Islam again. He met the wrath of his in-laws when he converted to the religion many years ago. In fact, Daniella walked out of the marriage. However Daniella now has to choose, a religious man who doesn’t drink and never fights or a catholic who drinks and batters.

We will all understand if he converts. Go Chameleone!


Stop clinging to socialites

Chameleone always wants to tag along the mighty. When there is a new money bags in town, Chameleone will rush to be friends with them. He has in the past associated with Meddie Ssentongo, SK Mbuga and recently Sipapa. Socialites always want to be seen spending and buying expensive drinks. People with such manners are not friends to keep. Chameleone should just find his money.


Change friends


Chameleone has friends who work in bars, Gareth Onyango for example. He has friends like Kim Swagga who want to be seen holding expensive beer bottles and wine. These friends are not good influence. They are not good for his marriage. We hope he complies otherwise, there shall be no Daniella for him.