Fasting Lord Mayor Lukwago tempted with Muchomo

Fasting Lord Mayor Lukwago tempted with Muchomo


Deep in thought. Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago fights temptation

By Kampala Sun writer
KCCA FC club patron and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has proven he isn’t the type to yield easily to temptation.
A practicing, Muslim, he was pictured fighting the urge to break his fast earlier than scheduled when road side meat vendors teased his nostrils with sizzling sticks of roast meat.
Moles on the way to Arua to watch the KCCA vs Paidha Black Angels game tell us that as the aroma of meat wafted in the air, Lukwago’s nostrils played along like the dog in Pavlov’s theory.
He sniffed the air, took in a deep breath and swallowed saliva as he seemingly debated whether to eat or not. Perhaps after consulting his inner conscience he must have realized it was meat after all and he changed his mind.
Erias Lukwago drives away to Arua after a brief stop over at Kafu

In typical Lukwago style, he bought several skewers of meat for lucky fans and later drove off to Arua with fans cheering his name