Vision Group partners Africell to deliver Ramadhan goodies to Luzira inmates

Vision Group partners Africell to deliver Ramadhan goodies to Luzira inmates



By Kampala Sun writer
Muslim Inmates at Luzira Prison are due for a good end of fasting. Africell Uganda has decided to partner with Vision group to deliver hefty end of Ramadhan goodies.
Africell handed over the food items this morning to Vision Group Head of Promotions, Bills Mboijana
Everywhere across the world, the Holy Month of Ramadan is characterized by generous sharing and giving in all forms. It’s common practice for people to share meals especially for their main meals – iftar and daaku, all the way to the break of the fast on Eid.
Africell invoked this very tradition as they dug into their funds to buy rice, curry powder, sugar; cooking oil and baking flour to reach out to the Muslim inmates and enable them get decent meals at least for this holy month.
‘’We are a company that looks out for neighbour wherever he or she is. This is an expression of love from us as Africell to our Muslim brothers and sisters in prison,’’ the Africell Commercial Director Milad Khairallah said.
Vision group started the initiative at the start of the holy month in which they reached out to corporate entities.
Milad said its persons such as these Muslims who will celebrate their end of fasting in jail that move them as Africell to do what they do every other time. He vowed that they will continue reaching out to anyone that needs support whenever they can.