Pastor Bugingo’s followers jam court

Pastor Bugingo’s followers jam court


By Musa Ssemwanga
Several of Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s followers from House of Prayer Ministries (HPM) International on Monday swarmed Nabweru Court where he appeared to defend himself on allegations of burning Bibles recently.

HPM followers were barred from accessing the Nabweru Court premises

The followers who chanted his innocence became rowdy and interrupted court proceeds causing court to temporarily adjourn.
However, police blocked the rowdy followers from accessing court premises due to fear of disrupting court proceedings.
The placard wielding followers threatened to disrupt court proceeds and were pushed away
Journalists were barred from entering the court room

In April this year, a one Aloysius Matovu Kiiza and Francis Jemba through their lawyers Wameli and co. Advocates filed a case accusing the pastor of insulting religion when he burnt hundreds of Bibles at his church in Makerere Kikoni
According to Anthony Wameli it is criminal for him to burn Bibles because it goes against the Constitution which guarantees freedom of worship and he is abusing the objects of worship which include Bibles, Qurans, rosaries and any other items people may choose to use during worship.
below is a video of the chanting faithful outside court