Police investigates Geoffrey Massa’s shooting incident

Police investigates Geoffrey Massa’s shooting incident


Geoffrey Massa is being investigated by the Police

By Kampala Sun writer
A night of passion for retired Uganda Cranes Captain Geoffrey Massa turned into a nightmare as he was shot by police while with a female companion in a parked vehicle
It is suspected the couple was having sex at the Namboole flyover and when they accosted by Police, Massa was uncooperative. He attempted to drive off, which prompted the cops to fire a salvo.
The incident, last night in Kireka, a Kampala suburb, saw both Massa and a woman occupant he was with in the car sustain injuries. The woman sustained a bullet injury, said Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima.
According to Kayima, Patrol Police got suspicious when they noticed a car parked on the Namboole Flyover late at night, and approached the occupants.
Kayima explains that Massa was not shot but sustained injuries to his forehead when he stopped the car abruptly after Police opened fire.
“The driver, Geoffrey Massa, suddenly sped off causing more suspicion. In an attempt to stop them, officers attempted to shoot the tyres of the vehicle and subsequently injured the lady in the vehicle,” Kayima said.
Massa suddenly stopped, almost hit another motorist and allegedly hit his forehead on the windscreen, he added.
Massa along with the woman, Josephine Maliza, were taken to Ggwatiro Clinic in Kireka for medical attention, Police said, allaying earlier rumours that the woman had died on the spot.
“She is not dead, not even in critical condition according to reports got from the medical teams handling them. The Police have opened a General Enquiry File to establish the truth behind the incident,” Kayima said.
The police have opened a General Enquiry File (GEF) to establish the truth behind the incident.