Comedian Muhangi, Lutalo in bitter exchange.

Comedian Muhangi, Lutalo in bitter exchange.


David Lutalo refused to perform at Diners Lounge
By Musa Ssemwanga
Comedian Alex Muhangi and singer David Lutalo are badly beefing. Their issues stem from a botched performance recently and both are telling whoever cares to listen that the other is an oxygen waster. Our sources say it all started after David Lutalo turned down an invitation to perform at Dinners comedy Lounge.
Alex Muhangi was involved in a war of words with Lutalo

“We had him lined up to perform but he let us down at last minute claiming he only performs before ‘crowds’. His reasons were just that. Reasons I found rather unprofessional and petty for an artiste of his calibre,” Muhangi reveals.
However when contacted, Lutalo said that Muhangi contacted his manager Ivan Lukwago Monday that same week and he (Muhangi) coiled at the mention of sh4m he (Lutalo) asked for.
“He Muhangi was offering sh2.5m but we later agreed on sh 3m which was to be paid to him at the venue at 9pm on Thursday. When we arrived, Muhangi was offering only sh1.5m and pleading that things were bad, due to a poor turn up.. I ever performed because there was no money,” Lutalo reveals.