PROFILE: Meet the new Congolese singing duo conquering Kampala

PROFILE: Meet the new Congolese singing duo conquering Kampala


The twins, Gaston and Gerard have taken the city by storm

By Musa Ssemwanga
Born twins in Goma, DR Congo,The real blood brothers (Gerard Chishugi and Gaston Chishugi) are Born singers who were inspired by their own father Christophe who owns a music empire in Congo.

Throughout their childhood,these twin brothers sung in their respective church choirs which later birthed their singing duo of ‘Brotherz Muzik in 2015.

The brothers have a fully fledged band and perform at high end hangouts

Later that same year,they embarked on their first professional single ‘Wanajua’ which cemented their place and relevancy in both Uganda and East Africa at Large.

It took them another full year to release a song in 2016 called Pesa Ngai(Cive me) , Malinga which led to their nominations of Best Duo and Best Video of the year.

This week Brotherz Muzik have shot a video for their latest hit single ‘Abricata’ a song produced and targeted to the international market.

According to them,they were inspired by Goodlyfe(Radio and Weasel)who they say should make way for them.
The singers are a fixture on the local music circuit and have scheduled performances at Club Play, Space Lounge, Amnesia/ Going by their virility and dance regimen, they are likely to be a hit with women