Singers Bebe Cool, A Pass clash

Singers Bebe Cool, A Pass clash


Bebe Cool called A Pass a pea brain on social media

By Norah Mukimba
Ugandan musicians, Bebe Cool and Apass are headed for a big fall out. This comes after the two stars clashed online recently.
It all started after Bebe Cool posted online responding to tabloid claims that he was stranded in USA. A Pass was quick to make a cheeky comment on the post asking whether Bebe Cool had not earned the respect he deserves in the music industry.
The “Katono” singer then came out all guns blazing telling off A Pass to stop seeking cheap attention
Although A Pass apologized, it hasn’t yet stopped Bebe Cool from fuming.
A pass has asked Bebe Cool to apologize for the online war

“Bebe Cool I love and respect you as a brother and as a mentor, But i think you misunderstood me so let me explain.
To your comment in regards to your post, I was only there to support I took time to read your post and I offered my support as a fellow artist, I didn’t diss you. My sincere apologies. Now it’s your turn to apologize.” he wrote