Sauti Sol manager welcomes baby

Sauti Sol manager welcomes baby


By Norah Mukimba

As Sauti Sol’s music career keeps on raising, and bringing happiness to their lives and life style, then its now well with their hidden manager, Marek Fuchs and his wife Annabel Onyango because they have now gotten a reason to work more hard after becoming new parents.

The couple announced the birth of their baby boy on Instagram

Annabel, a revered fashion stylist and Marek ushered a bouncing baby boy into the world on August 31 2017.

Breaking the good news to their fans, Annabel Onyango decided to do it the way all overwhelmed people do it by taking her joy to Instagram and welcomed her joy, love and world to the universe with a touching note.

“Quietly while you were asleep the moon and I were talking. I asked that she’d always keep you protected. She promised you her light, that you so gracefully carry. You bring your light and shine like morning.” – The Sweetest Gift Kenzo Taya (strong light) joined @marek__ and I exactly one week ago on August 31st. He is our sweetest gift.” Annabel wrote on Instagram.

These two have been together for years but with no children.