Geosteady shines at debut concert

Geosteady shines at debut concert


By Musa Ssemwanga
Imperial Royale Hotel Kampala was a nightmare to singer Cindy weeks back receiving a handful of revelers at her concert.

However to George Kigozi aka Geosteady it was a success,sold ,historic and at the same time it booked a palce in the record books of this venue amongst the most attended to concerts.

Performances begun as early as 8pm by Tip Swizzy,B2C,Fik Fameika,Fille,Lydia Jazmine,Chary and Nina,Dj Pius,Saha,Ykee Benda etc..

Geo steady performs Owooma with Rwandan duo

The main act,Geosteady hit stage minutes past 10pm wearing a black and white attire amidst screams and cheers from his fans.

He has a few songs to his name so there were several musical interludes/breaks which enabled other artists to perform.

In presence of his parents,Wife and daughter,he thanked his fans and sponsors for the support as he wrapped up the show with the night’s favorite single ‘tokendeeza’ a quarter past midnight.

Geo Steady’s crowd was steady