Haloha’s Uganda Entertainment Awards contract scrapped

Haloha’s Uganda Entertainment Awards contract scrapped


By Kampala Sun writer
That the 2017 edition of the Uganda Entertainment was marred by confusion and last minute withdrawals is no longer news. Social media has been abuzz with harsh criticisms.
It is certainly not good news for Haloha, who celebrated his 23rd birthday on Monday. He took to social media to apologize for the gaffes that saw sponsors like Silk Events and show hosts DJ Slick Stuart and DJ Roja lambast the awards.
Although Haloha has since apologized for the unfortunate incident and poor showing, we hear he is headed for more misery as his contract was scrapped. This, after he promised to make next year’s event better.

Ronald Kabuye (kabs Haloha) blamed greedy service providers for the lukewarm Uganda Entertainment Awards show last Saturday. Now, he’s lost the contract

“On behalf of Haloha Brand Architects, the sponsors, partners and the organising committee, I would like to thank each and every one that attended the Uganda Entertainment Awards 2017 last evening at the Kampala Serena Hotel.
I would also like to extend my heartfelt apologies for all the mishaps, inconveniences and shortcomings that may have been experienced by our guests during the awards gala. With particular focus on the bad press being spread online, we do agree that there were some areas that we didn’t put our best effort, but these arose as a result of misunderstandings with some of the service providers,” he wrote.
Well, the latest is that whereas Haloha always postured as the owner of the concept, he was only a contract holder and has since lost it.
Sources from Cents Events Uganda, the official copyright holders and proprietors of the event intimated to us that he was given a one year contract to rectify the messes he made last year.
“We gave him just one year hoping he’d get better. But he keeps on making the same blatant blunders every other year. We have scraped the contract. And the public should take note, Kabz Haloha and Haloha Brand Architects are no longer the organizers of the UEA’s,” relayed the CEO of Cents Events, Vincent Nsubuga.
Best Foot Forward. This trio looked dapper in multi-coloured outfit at the Uganda Enteertainment Awards

An official statement released on all social media platforms of Cents Events read;
The management of CENTS EVENTS UGANDA the official proprietors of the UGANDA ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS would like to thank Haloha Brand Architects for fully managing/ organizing and planning the UEA’s 2017.
Cents Events would like to inform the general public, sponsors, entertainers and media houses that it had no hand in the UEA’s 2017 organization and are therefore, not liable for any consequences the mishaps at display birthed.
Cents Events contracted Haloha brand Architects under Mr. Kabuye Ronald to run the 2017 event; a one year agreement wherein he was tasked to make the UEA’s better. Putting into consideration the terms and conditions agreed upon and brand protection the brand legal owners (CENTS EVENTS UGANDA) have taken an immediate decision to terminate the contract with Haloha brand Architects.

Singer Geo-Steady put in an effort during the Uganda Entertainment Awards

On behalf of the Uganda entertainment awards brand, Cents Events Uganda apologizes for anything that did not go right during the event and those who were affected or inconvenienced during the event. But on that note, we also wish to communicate that our company was not involved in the organization.
In light of overseeing and protecting the UEA brand, Cents Events Uganda has taken a decision not to associate with Haloha Brand Architects again. Whoever represents him or herself as being part of the Uganda Entertainment Awards will be legally dealt with (misrepresentation/impersonation) unless contracted by Cents Events Uganda.
All debts /arrears in reference to Uganda Entertainment Awards 2017 are to Haloha brand architects not Uganda Entertainments Awards or Cents Events Uganda.