FUFA official Kicked out of UOC elections

FUFA official Kicked out of UOC elections


By Johnson Were
FUFA official Patrick Ntege fought hard for his nomination to be accepted to make it to the UOC athletics Commission but hit on hard rock as returning officer Michael Wandera threw it out.
Ntege was disqualified because he sent in his nomination late, he tried to plead reasoning that because out of the eight candidates needed only six were available so the returning officer should soften and all whim to be nominated but all was in vain.

Patrick Ntege at the UOC Athletics commision elections tries to stress a point about his candidature. PHOTO BY JOHNSON WERE

He also went on to lie that he had sent his nomination by email earlier before closing time of 2pm but Wandera directed UOC Administrator to print out the email which was produced.
“I’m tied by the rules and I cannot accept any nomination that came late,” Wandera told Ntege.
Wandera went on to declare the six Athletes including Irene Kasubo, Hakimu Musoke (Weight lifting), Charlotte Mudoola, Michael Wokorach(Rugby), Aisha Kagere, Emmanuel Wabuyaka(Hockey) as the elected UOC Athlete Commission members. Wandera.
“We could not consider Ntege and Daniel Muhigo (Badminton) because their nomination came after nominations were closed,” Wandera stated.
The Six Elected UOC Athletics Commision members From L-R front Row: Irene Kasubo,Aisha Kagere, Charlotte Mudoola.Back Row: Michael Wokorach,Emmanuel Wabukaya,Michael Wandera (Returning) and Hakimu Musoke after being elected. PHOTO BY JOHNSON WERE

Ntege a FUFA teams overall manager was advised to wait for next elections that will fill the remaining two positions however, there is a group that vowed not to allow Ntege stand.
“The Athlete said,” Ntege is not an athlete, he is a manager and cannot represent us,” the Athlete added.
Meanwhile Olympiads Steven Kiprotich and Ganzi Mugula have been appointed on the same committee UOC executive.
Only athletes from the 23 member federations including Archery, Rugby, Athletics, Conae, Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Cycling, Weight Lifting, Swimming, Netball, Badminton, boxing, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis and squash participated in the elections.