Gravity Omutujju Attacks KCCA, risks ban

Gravity Omutujju Attacks KCCA, risks ban


Gravity Omutujju is in trouble for insulting KCCA officials at their festival

By Kampala Sun writer
Popular Lugaflow singer Gravity Omutujju had no kind words at all for Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) officials during his performance on Friday, but it could return to haunt him.

On Friday night while performing at Diamond Platnumz’s concert at Kololo Independence grounds, Gravity lamented how hypocritical KCCA is.

While on stage, Gravity said that “I thank you guys for coming in small numbers, because KCCA officials are ‘thieves and full of hypocrisy. It is believed that the whole budget for Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz’s charity concert was over Shs300m of which he is to pocket over Shs150m for his performance.”
He added that “How can KCCA spend that much on a Tanzanian singer yet Uganda’s music is seeking a helping hand and artistes are here struggling to put our music on a higher level? These guys (KCCA) are fake and mean and now we also don’t want to know.
Gravity performance was shrouded with anger which had earlier on been fueled by Winnie Nwagi’s delay on stage.

We have since learnt that following his shenanigans, some KCCA officials who felt insulted by Gravity’s antics want him banned from performing in the city or pasting his posters anywhere.



  1. indeed i real don’t no wat to say because he may be right but KCCA can’t just ban him coz ov letting out the truth. we needed to hear that n open our eyes as ugandans even that’s y ug. artists do not cooperate bse of corruption n our country big up gravity