Don’t compare me to Michael Ezra- Bryan white

Don’t compare me to Michael Ezra- Bryan white


Bryan White says he is different from Michael Ezra

By Stella Naigino
Social socialite Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White came out and asked people not to compare him to Mike Ezra.
He made the statement last Friday in a television interview where he says, his actions are for a noble cause and not for just spending unnecessarily like Mike Ezra used to do.
Ezra used to flash money in bars and make people get drunk then after engage in unlawful acts, but my money is for the youths to develop themselves,” said Kirumira.
Michael Ezra one time paraded dollars before the press.

Asked if he would keep track of what the money he gives to people does. He said that this yesar he is focusing on giving out money to people, then next year will be for following up to see if people have really done constructive work with the money.
He also cleared the rumor that he was here to over throw, Bobi Wine and over shadow him by his act of giving out money to the youth.
In response he said, whatever he does, he does it to help people fight poverty and not here to over shadow any one. “I do this as Brian and I was not sent by anyone like people allege,”he added.​