Pictures-The bizarre outfits at Miss Tourism Buganda

During the Miss Tourism pageants that have been going on accros the country, the contestants are tasked with creating their own clothes. Some get it, while some miss so bad their darts at creativity birth bizarre outfits. Below are some of the bizarre outfits showcased at a recently concluded Miss Tourism Buganda pageant. ...

Pictures-Fashion at Miss Tourism Buganda

Not many people show up at tourism pageants dressed well.  Many times, they opt to pull of the traditional wear that they fail miserably at. But that wasn't the case at one of the recently concluded Miss Tourism Buganda events. The revelers showed up dressed to the nines, almost like they were challenging the models. Take a look here. ...

Here is what Judith Heard has been doing with her life

Socialite Judith Heard recently realized that people had gotten over her. And that she needed more ways, besides attending parties, to be in peoples faces. She thus set out on a job hunting spree. Rumors abound that she tried radio presenting and TV and lots of other media house things. Whether she hit a dead end is a story...

The hot girls that attended the Life of Bebe Cool concert

Gagamel fans are known to be rogue. Even the women who subscribe to Bebe Cool's sentiments about life usually have similar character. Yet that wasn't the case at his concert held at Serena recently. The women that showed up reeked of class. They exuded a rare type of beauty. Below are some of the pictures from the function. ...

Fashion-The hits and the misses at the Life of Bebe Cool concert

That the life of Bebe Cool concert was held at Serena Hotel said it was a pompous concert, and as such, people had to dress to the nines. Some pulled it off, others failed. We let you be the judge of that!

Pictures-The hot birds that attended the Maurice Kirya concert

Below are pictures of the cuties you missed at the Maurice Kirya concert.

Here is what happens to girls every time Maurice Kirya is on stage

Musical artiste Maurice Kirya has the voice, the looks and is a maestro at playing the guitar. Which qualities are pretty much, many a girl's fantasy. During his performances, weird things happen to the girls. We captured them on camera during his latest concert and tried to fathom what exactly was happening.

Pictures-The couples we loved at Maurice Kirya’s concert

Maurice Kirya terms his genre of music as Omwoyo which loosely translates to Soul Music. Music for the lovers, so to say. And as such, whenever he holds a concert, it is mostly lovers that show up. This years edition, held at Serena Hotel wasn't any different. The audience comprised mostly of couples. But there were those who carried the...

The intriguing pictures of Ssemwanga and Zari that never made it to the media

Before musical artiste Diamond Platnumz, there was Ivan Ssemwanga in socialite Zari Hassan's life. And back then, he was a real tycoon. We don't know what happened, but it's safe to assume that when the tycoon status went away, so did Zari, to a wealthier man. And as Diamond Platnumz posts pictures of him and Zari in swanky holiday destinations,...

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