Pictures-Socialite Williams Bugeme makes history at White and Gold party

Up until yesterday, boxing day, color themed parties had lost meaning. But when Socialite Williams Bugeme hosted his fans to Guvnor, to his own version of a color themed party, dubbed White and Gold, all of that has changed. The other ones might as well chose not to show up next year.The show was the epic embodiment of the...

Video-Chosen Blood performs Wadawa with Sheeba

Chosen Blood had become one of the many one hit wonders in the musical industry. Then she collaborated with Sheeba on the remix of his song Wadawa. They performed the song at Sheeba's Nkwatako concert.

Video-Sheeba performs at Nkwatako concert

Sheeba Karungi held her first concert dubbed Nkwatako yesterdat, at Hotel Africana. Here are some of the pictures of the action, and a video of one of her performances.

Pictures-This is how ‘drunko’ journalists prepared for the Beer Festival

A group of journalists drowned themselves in binge at the Beer Festival Media Launch at Yujo Izakaya Restaurant. Below are some pictures from the shindig.  

Finally some Jazz at Laftaz

  The Wednesday comedy night at Laftaz was named after Jazz. This implied that it had to be opened with Jazz music. Yet the initial darts at presenting Jazz Comedy weren’t successful. The Jazz wasn’t there. Till recently that they upped their game. The management changed and now there is some Jazz. Below are some pictures from a recent Jazz session...

Roden Y Kabako might be the next musical star

  There is a rumor that musical artiste Roden Y Kabako was musical manager Jeff Kiiwa’s lap dog since the Radio and Weasel days. The rumors further speculate that he was denied a chance but maintained loyalty because he knew what being managed by Jeff Kiiwa meant. Sources reveal that he was finally given a platform, thus the recent musical...

The cream of fashion zealots that attended the Seed Show

The faces we loved at the Seed Show Below are some of the people that attended the seed show. The Seed show was the opening event for the Kampala Fashion Week. Staged at the Square Rooftop, the show was a collection of fashion enthusiasts. Here are some pictures from the faction. ...

UBL Awards Safety Champions

The Uganda Breweries premises in Luzira were last Friday evening clocked in mirth. The cheers and ululation were coming from the UBL staff applauding performances from fellow staff members. A substantial lot of the staff members were attempting to be the source of entertainment to their co-workers. They tried singing and dancing and comedy, only, it wasn't their thing....

This was the most revered outfit at the Seed Show

  During the Seed Show, an event held as an opening event for the Kampala Fashion Week, hordes of budding designers competed against each other. All had one outfit to prove to the judges. And while 17 year Charles Semanda won, the audience had picked an outfit of theirs. The outfit was an elegant plain dress with a turtle neck that,...

The run way outfits you missed at the Seed Show

The Seed show was the opening event for the Kampala Fashion Week. Staged at the Square Rooftop, the show was a collection of fashion enthusiasts. 17 year old Charles Semanda won the competition. Here are some pictures from the runway showcases.    

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