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Countdown to nightlife reopening: Are music promoters still necessary?
By Alex Balimwikungu After a two-year hiatus, the music concerts are back. Venture anywhere around town or the countryside and there are large banners advertising upcoming concerts. It is the usual suspects - David Lutalo in Luwero; Eddy Kenzo at Colline Hotel Mukono; Mesach Semakula at Papa’s Spot Makindye or Roden Y…
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National Cuddle Up Day: Oh the joy of hugging before COVID-19!
By Kampala Sun Writer Today is National Cuddle Up Day. Google defines cuddling as holding close in one's arms as a way of showing affection or love. Many people associate cuddling with the bedroom or wherever the deed is done. For us, we won't go there. This ain't no porn site.…
Music Review: Mukama Yamba – Sheebah
By Dennis Asiimwe I just realised something – I can barely remember Sheebah’s second name. This usually happens when you don’t use the second name often,…
Music Review (Down Memory Lane): Siyina Anantwala – Afrigo Band
By Dennis Asiimwe The fact that we have the curfew or lockdown being lifted soon has folks somewhat giddy. Events are being announced with a rapidity…


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