Judith Heard fights for Exodus with married woman

Judith Heard fights for Exodus with married woman



They have always posted themselves around as best friends. To their respective spouses, they are best friends because they protect each other from the “wolves” of the night. At the Share the Coke (think Cock) launch at Kati Kati Grounds last Thursday, married Judith Heard fought with married Olga Nampiima (prefers to be called Olga Nams) over Exodus.

Everyone wants Exodus’ coke
The fight was witnessed by among others, Sue Ochola. It all started when the celebrities were asked to share their cokes with their fans. At that point Olga walked to Exodus and the two had a chat that was punctuated with smiles and hands touching waists.
At the end of the chat and sharing the Exodus coke, Exodus and Olga sought ways of taking the chat to another level. They just did not want a verbal chat. They did not want a chat under the public eye. They wanted to chat further so they exchanged mobile phone numbers. “We just exchanged Whatsapp numbers,” Olga later explained to a friend.
During that time, Judith Heard was working like a spy camera. She observed every move. She looked keenly at Exodus’ coke, whichever way he would decide to swing it. She did not do this like a jealous wife. She did it like a woman scorned.
So as soon as Olga walked away from Exodus, with his number saved, she was approached by an angry and furious Heard (that’s probably the only time she doesn’t look beautiful, not forgetting when she also takes nudes). “You woman, tell me now. What were you doing there with Exodus? Why were you asking for his number? Why did you allow to get his number? I saw you saving it so don’t play innocent?
Olga, whose claim to fame is being a member of Fab Clan (also called Arab Money), reported the matter to her boss Sue Ochola. It made sense because while Sue Ochola is the boobs’ role model of Fab Clan, Judith Heard is the make-up model. Olga is the one others use to prove that they are beautiful. The Fab Clan is that strange. The three of them in one picture would make a good cover for a movie titled, The Three Weaved Witches of Kampala.
“What does Judith Heard want with me? I did not do anything wrong,” Olga explained to Sue Ochola. Sue Ochola just looked at Olga, looked at Judith Heard and kept her piece. “She kept out of it as they each endeavored to drag her in,” an eye witness says. We are told that all that was heard from Ochola was a worded sigh, “Judith is married, Olga is married and the guy is also married. Why are they fighting?” That sounds like the voice of common sense, right?
Is it possible that when the launch organisers asked everyone to share his coke with anyone who wishes, Olga and Judith Heard probably got the message wrong? That coke and cock are similar and can be confusing, especially for women who cover their heads with other women’s hair. Poor Exodus, they wanted to hide his branded Coke in that hair!


Judith Heard, Exodus bond
For over the years, the bond between Judith Heard (wife of Alex Heard) and Exodus (husband of Brenda Lubega) has kept everyone guessing. Whenever the media questions the alliance in gets the two in quite compromising situations, they just pour calm on the idea. These things happen when Judith Heard is hyper, after she has had quite a number of drinks. Then she seeks for Exodus’ attention and does not let him out of sight. At very sober moments, like at noon at Blankets and Wine, she does not show any infatuation for Exodus.
Exodus has said that he is a friend of both Alex and Judith Heard. He has added that Alex Heard is aware about what goes on and that he just hangs out with Judith.
Exodus’ wife also jumps to the defense. “We are all friends. Judith’s kids play with our kids and we always go out with the Heards,” she once explained to The Kampala Sun. That often happens in the dead of the night. At that time, Alex Heard is often away, just like Brenda Lubega.
Now that Judith does not want anyone else near Exodus’ Coke, the relationship may reach alarming heights. Perhaps someone should advise these two women to drink Coke, and quit smoking. Exodus offered that advice earlier on in Ganja Man when he asked people to quit smoking drugs. With heads covered in weaves, Olga and Judith Heard missed the words of the wise Exodus.