Mutaasa Kafeero girl NOT a home maker

Mutaasa Kafeero girl NOT a home maker


The cause of that life-threatening and sad incident was one that has sent tongues in overdrive. Now some people are scared about “eating” Valentine’s Day. The couple had an argument about who should come first (return home before the other), the man or woman.
Soon after the fun and funny introduction at Mutaasa Kafeero’s home in Nakwero, Lugobe and his bride agreed on a strict code of conduct. Mastula was not going to come home after Lugobe had arrived. On the fateful day, she arrived home at 11:00pm, an early hour for a 21-year-old fun-loving Kampala girl. Hajji would not have anything of it. He refused to open the gate for her. Mad about the punishment, she drove in, hit the fence and shouted. She hit the fiancé’s car. In revenge, the Hajji hit her car and when she threatened him with death, he just scampered, tail between his legs.
Mastula is 21 years old, and a second wife. Aisha Kawusathara is only two years older, and a first wife. For a while Aisha has been in total control. The symbol of the total control was Lugobe’s business, named after her-Kawusathara General Hardware in Nakasero. Mastula’s father, Mutaasa Kafeero, is rich, said to be one of the few people who “own Kampala.” In comparison, Lugobe is just a tenant.
As a polygamist, Lugobe had to divide his time and pleasure between his two wives. Then he warns Mastula about her late coming.

“Mastula was a good girl, jolly and she respects authority,” her former teacher Sams Kaggwa intimated on social media. He put the blame on Lugobe and argued that the beast in the man turned the beauty in her into something else.
Hajji Lugobe is a minister, a Minister of Trade and Commerce in Kooki kingdom. For the traditionalists, this relationship-gone-sour has hit them hard. The mainstream Buganda loyalists are now claiming that someone from Kooki is no match for their girl. In response, those from Kooki are claiming that it is a sign of disrespect for Mastula to do that to their minister.
“I am surprised at this sudden turn of events. Mastula and that Hajji have been dating for a while. I heard about their relationship about a year ago,” explains a source close to the Mutaasa family who attended the kwanjula. She explains further that Lugobe did not marry for the pride that comes with having rich in-laws. She believes that he married for love.
Watching this tragic wedding is already sad enough. Living it is very painful. Mutaasa Kafeero is already in the thick of it, trying to consult, and get the couple back together. He has a history of happily wedded daughters before. The kwanjula was attended by quite a number of respectable people like Katikiro Peter Mayiga, Gen. Katumba Wamala and many other renowned Muslims.
At the kwanjula, the groom promised that he will wed Mastula in a proper Moslem ceremony very soon. The separation has become before his “soon.” By not setting a definitive date, did he see something beyond what everyone thought?
Before, anyone throws stones at the couple, they should first look for the person who came up with that fake chopper idea. Just fry (not fly) him or her in it.