Fille in labour, Kats labouring

Fille in labour, Kats labouring


Edward Katamba a.k.a Mckats and singer Fille are in a hospital in Ntinda waiting to receive their first child. Reliable information reaching The Kampala Sun is that a frantic McKats rushed Fille to the hospital at about 7:00PM Friday.
For a man who has sired five kids you’d be forgiven for assuming that Kats has enormous experience in baby expectancy. But exclusive information reaching us suggests otherwise.

“Soon as Fille begun hissing and puffing in labour pains, Kats panicked and crumbled into pieces,” the source says.
When Kats seemed to have gathered himself after 10 minutes, he was numb and clueless as he paced back and forth in their Kiwatule apartment from the seating room, bedroom and kitchen to the toilet. It took a screeching wail from Fille to stub a confounded Kats out of his trance.

Engagement Rings for the couple
Engagement Rings for the couple

Fille was loaded into her RAV4 with the help of neighbours. The singer was rushed to the hospital where Kats has been demanding the full attention of the hospital’s entire medical staff as if Fille is expecting to give birth to Jesus Christ (the second coming). Every time Fille grimaced in agony, Kats scurried out of the private room and returned with a troop of no less than six midwives and a doctor for good measure.

“It is the first birth that he (Kats) is witnessing,” revealed a friend of the family. “He was an absentee-father-at-birth of his other five children,” the source says. Kats has two girls and three boys each from different mothers. Fille’s baby girl will make it three girls and three boys for Kats.

Mc Kats of the expozed show on NTV Uganda
Kats was reluctant to report to work while Fille is in hospital expecting their child any minute

Still waiting

The couple spent the night at the hospital with Fille enduring a night filled with spasms of labour pain. Kats was nearly sedated to keep him calm as he nervously waited for his third baby girl to arrive in vain. So, rather than get sedated in hospital, he opted to go to a bar and sedate himself with pints of alcohol. He returned to hospital this morning (Saturday) to find his baby girl still stuck in his baby girl (the difference is quite fuzzy, we know).

News exclusively reaching us from the hospital is that the doctors are now considering the inducement option. Kats was reluctant to leave the hospital to go and host his live music show, but bills have to be paid. He is currently hosting the show but his soul is in the hospital.


Fille effect
Kats and his relatives are quite impressed by the impact Fille has had on the events MC’s life.  Since the day Fille announced the good news, Kats, a proverbial bad boy, has been at his best behaviour. Neighbours have been spotting him in the kitchen fidgeting with saucepans and ladles. He has devoted most of his free time to massage and cook for his expectant fiancée.
But insiders say this submission might be a result of a Fille ultimatum.

“From day one, she told him that if he was going to leave, he shouldn’t think of returning to her life,” a mutual friend of the couple says.

It seems Kats heeded. True, they have had their ups and downs but Kats lives in awe of the girl he initially introduced in his life as a musician he was managing. Now she is managing him.
We will keep you updated when baby number six drops. We have chosen to keep the hospital anonymous because we don’t want you guys to freak the poor guy (Kats) any more than he is.

We wish you a safe and successful delivery Fille.