Fabiola’s life of sex, booze, drugs and filth

Fabiola’s life of sex, booze, drugs and filth

Eviction Letter


Guess what? NTV’s Be My Date celebrity presenter Anita Fabiola Kyarimpa is not as fabulous as she wants us to believe. She is as normal as everyone else, and her poor hygiene habits prove it. Despite her spruced and revived appearance on TV where she acts as the epitome of glitz and glamour, she lives a dirty and disheveled life.
It took a recent eviction from her sh850, 000 –a- month apartment in Sezibwa Zone, Kiwatule to unravel the filth, carelessness, binge and casual sex-addled life she has been living of ever since she became the limelight staple. Her apartment is a tragic sight. It took only a few minutes into the deserted home to realize that she actually vies for the gong of Uganda’s dirtiest celebrity after Red Banton and Gravity Omutujju.
Just a few minutes into the apartment she abandoned with the landlord in hot pursuit, The Kampala Sun team concluded that even by average standards, Fabiola is a horrible person to live with. We were shocked that she doesn’t clean; forgets to flush the toilet, leaves morning after sex pills (Postinor) and marijuana blunts strewn on the floor and leaves her clothes and men’s boxers everywhere.


Fabiola’s Apartment

As it is, Fabiola’s life is surrounded by wild house parties, risky sexual behaviour, drugs, horrendous hygiene and rent defaulting. The secret life of Fabiola would have stayed that way, at least for a while, had she not defaulted on rent for three months and opted to play hide and seek with Margret Mania Azza, the landlady and teacher at Anyafio Role Model SSS in Arua.
It took a letter from the Landlady to the Chairman LC 1 Sezibwa Zone and Police to expose the Television diva. Over the past two months, she has been sneaking in past midnight and leaving before 4:00am. For one determined to default on sh2.5m, she was taking her things away one at a time, according to Mania. “One day I laid a trap knowing she would come around. When she saw me, she deserted the car and hopped onto a Boda Boda disappearing into the suburb’s dusty paths,” she said.
This forced Mania to write to Ssezibwa Zone in Kiwatule L.C chairman and Police, asking for their presence while removing property of her “runaway tenant” from one of her apartments on Tuesday this week.

“After pleading with the above tenant Anita Fabiola of NTV to vacate my apartment after failing to pay rent for three months . . . I am writing to you to kindly remove her property from the house . . . she has left the house in a deplorable state owing to the rotten food and rubbish in the house.

This is not only breeding maggots but the chances of catching typhoid fever are high,” the eviction notice copied to the DPC Kira road, OC Kiwatule and Anita Fabiola read in part.
Kampala Sun has learnt that neighbours and casual labourers at the apartments are planning to hold a good riddance goat-roasting party to celebrate Fabiola’s imminent departure.
For the last six months since Fabiola took up tenancy, they had endured torturous experiences – noise pollution, her neighbours complaining about the acrid smell from her apartment, unrestrained noise pollution from wild sexual escapades and loud music, and the noise from Joel Khamadi’s black Subaru Forester, which was regular at the premises, according to a one Dan Ddumba Sentamu a plumber at the apartments.

Men’s Boxers


Fabiola’s romance has been a public secret – Mo Red Mayanja and Joseph Akorimo, a 36-year old sales executive with The Observer newspaper in Kamwokya who blew a sizeable portion of his savings on maintaining Kyarimpa’s wine and champagne lifestyle.
But when we got access to the apartment, Fabiola’s life compellingly opened before us like pages of Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s School for Scandal. Fabiola, who had sub-rented the two bedroom apartment with a friend Sharon Natukunda, lived like a rat.
By the time we reached in her bedroom, all she had was the bed, mosquito net and some clothes, a torn and worn boxer and shoes. Two used packets of Postinor morning after sex pills, men’s underwear, men’s Jeans littered her floor.

Joel Khamadi dragged in mix


A plumber, Dan Ssentamu Ddumba who was also on site, positively identifies NTV’s ladies’ man, Joel Khamadi as one of the regular visitors to Fabiola’s apartment.
The two shared paths when Khamadi asked him to do plumbing work on the bathroom in Fabiola’s bedroom.
According to Ddumba, a big talking Khamadi promised him sh100, 000 if he fixed the leakage but his failure to honour his side of the bargain painted him in bad light.

“He looks good but smokes and drinks a lot. He drives a Black Subaru Forester and is sometimes on TV,” he started. With hindsight, we pulled out a smart phone and showed him photos of men who match the description and he confirmed Khamadi.
“That is the guy who was inside the morning they called me to fix a water leakage. Fabiola and that man talked to me nicely and I fixed the leakage after agreeing on sh100, 000 they never paid me,” ” Ssentamu recalled.

According to a security guard who preferred anonymity, it isn’t Khamadi who solely enjoyed the privilege of tucking Fabiola to bed. He claims she would be chauffeured in by different men.
They were however careful not to rouse them out of their sleep, as they tiptoed to her apartment. The guard doesn’t recall encountering a sober Fabiola.
He claims at times she would get so heated with her companions, kissing and touching started from the car through the stairs and by the time they got to the house, the steamy show they put on outside would get many views on a soft porn website.

Left: NTV News Archor Joel Khamadi


Weed issue

It isn’t readily clear whether Fabiola smokes or not. However matchboxes carelessly thrown in the house and half smoked marijuana joints were shocking.
These were found of the mini-dining table, under the sofas, in the two bedrooms, balcony and in the kitchen.
Since Fabiola has a housemate Sharon Natukunda, who also receives multiple visitors, it was not safe to jump to conclusions on this one but certainly one of the two housemates knows about the uncanny habit going on behind closed walls.

Fabiola’s Weed


Filth, maggots in kitchen

While the bedrooms and sitting room were as messy as pigsties, the kitchen was a breeding place for typhoid and dysentery. The heap of garbage on the balcony seemed to have been gathered over the last year. It was like Kiwatule’s dumping ground.
The smell of decayed rats, rotten tomatoes, stuffy kitchen, hit the nostrils like a jab. A neighbour was shocked that the pretty lasses were okay with it.
“I used to wonder where the smell was coming from because ladies are naturally clean but one day, I was compelled to get close to their door and I almost threw up,” the neighbour lamented.
The landlady was equivocal in her complaints:
“These girls look polished and well kempt on TV and pictures in newspapers for them to be associated with such rot.” [The rot in the kitchen symbolic of the rot in her lifestyle] is shocking.
“They were told that all they have to do is to simply take the trash down stairs so that it is taken at no cost. But the thrash can is empty and they just decided to put it here. Now I have known why one of my guards got typhoid.”
This dirt is too much and I regret allowing these young girls who have no responsibility to occupy my apartment .”

Her landlady’s attempt to reach the girls on phone was in vain. When she tasked a nephew to sound out Natukunda she casually said she would come in later in the evening.
“I pray they appear because I have tried for one month and half. First, they gave me a number saying it is for Fabiola’s father and they told me the time to call but I called at my free time and it is Sharon who answered it,” she added.


Drama at the eviction

Having heard and realized that the landlady was making good of her threat to throw out their property, Fabiola, Natukunda and a brigade of two friends turned up to pick their property.
As soon as they got to the apartment at about 7:30pm, on Tuesday evening, they kicked up a storm. They spoke on top of their voices, attracting the attention of the neighbours.
Fabiola accused the landlady of tarnishing her name by going to police with this issue. She threatened to take her on if any of this got out into the press.
“I am a socialite. I don’t want these things out of here. This is my private life. If I dare see anything in the papers, I will show you who I am. You don’t know who Fabiola is. I am connected,” she barked.
Her tiny, firebrand housemate Naturinda was a spitting cobra with some of the most scorched behaviour only mastered by veteran street kids. The light-skinned Natukunda repeatedly insulted the landlady in spite of the continuous reminder by the landlady that Fabiola and not she was her tenant. Natukunda was relentless. She purred from the sofa where she was seated with legs on the armrest and stretched in the air. She referred to the landlady as a villager. It took the threat of a possible trespass charge to muffle her up like a mule.

Car Fabiola used to pick up her property

When the dust finally settled, they fidgeted with their phone calculator apps; making additions and subtractions to reconcile the figure that the landlady wanted them to pay before they would get all their property.
In the end, the angry and resigned landlady waived the rent arrears and settled for the damages meted on her apartments. The two parties settled at Sh787, 000 which Fabiola paid in cash and immediately called guys to help them pack their stuff. The money was to fix damaged things like the door locks, shower taps, sink and many others plus painting the apartment.
The small pick-up van hired by Fabiola and Natukunda was inadequate for their property. The sight of a fabulous Fabiola sweating as she mooted her next destination was the stuff that kills sexual fantasies.
In our eyes, after the filth and all, she was no longer sex appeal personified but a rent defaulter with the tact of chaps in Kimombasa, Kikubamutwe, Kikolombia and Katanga!

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  1. Whats happening to the morals of our society. I hear Red Pepper hasnude pics of Anita Fabiola Kyarimpa…!!!?

  2. Whats happening to the morals of our society. I hear Red Pepper hasnude pics of Anita Fabiola Kyarimpa…!!!?

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  4. […] One thing that has made my eye balls pop is the increasing number of sex tapes and nude pictures flooding social media especially Facebook. One may conclude that those identified in these pictures and videos are looking for attention because as soon as they are published, their fame and popularity shoots up. The best examples are Desire Luzinda and Anita Fabiola Kyarimpa. […]