Ellah: A sextape-bomb waiting to happen

Ellah: A sextape-bomb waiting to happen


By Angela Kateemu

What every man will think about once in a while and not say out loud: “I’ve been in lust with naked women since forever.” Though realistically, it is only since kindergarten for most unimaginative men. While some people learnt to read or write at an early age, the men picked up on other things. They figured: You will not necessarily hang on your parents’ wall of fame for academic excellence or good behaviour but you will definitely feel warm inside looking at pictures of painfully hot women.

On the other hand; every girl has the knowledge that men looooove naked-girl pictures embedded in their DNA. It explains why we are having more nudes and sextapes than marriages. One such girl is former Miss Uganda and Big Brother flop Stella “Ellah” Nantumbwe!

At least that’s what she aimed for when she flaunted her stunning bits of beauty-queen hotness. It might make for useful information for you to know that she had to endure over 13km of rutted road to Lake Victoria Serena Resort, Kigo where we are told the photo shoot took place.



Ellah’s sensational bikini pictures are recently making rounds among the sex-crazed Whatsapp groups. At her age of 25, Ellah is a sextape-bomb waiting to happen.

She has become a limelight whore that we won’t be surprised if her nudes or sextape happen. Honestly, we can’t wait. Stop rolling your eyes at us; we know you are waiting too just as much as you waited for the Fabiola sextape that the con artiste is sadly still keeping from us!

Ellah all dolled up, decked out, and cleave-tastic for her latest internet blast. She is a far-cry from the poised Miss Uganda that she was before she became Big Brother sexbomb. Particularly, you couldn’t miss her bosom beauties in the savvy two-piece swimsuits.


The cameraman; whom we all envy; (we hope it is not Denzel Mwiyeretsi) trained on her allure. And why the heck not? She got it; the funbags! We can bet many of you weak chaps will go, “Mommy, hold me to your chest and tell me everything’s going to be okay, at least after you teach me a stern lesson about ogling. I’ve been bad. Sometimes corporal punishment is the only way to cleanse!”