Guilt haunts MC Kats

Guilt haunts MC Kats


If his recent tweets are anything to go by, Kats is goaded by guilt. They are pointers to a rocky relationship.
He is using Twitter to bring her back.

“Whatever is done in the dark will come to light, but if your conscious (sic) felt guilty and wrong at it, your heart wasn’t into it. It is not betrayal, it is a mistake,” he twitted on Saturday (April 12)unnamed-(3)

His follow up tweet on Sunday was angry and reveals his true self:

“When it’s all said and done and you look back, smile at the good moments, and put yourself together and move the f**k on. Life is too short not to be happy,”



In the next breath he is saying how

all men cheat and how all women lie.


For a goaded soul, he consoles himself with tweets about his daughter and fantasizes holding her in his arms. He also details how Fille’s Fitina song gets to his inner most soul.

Furious Fille to withdraw Rav 4
He might cry a river to save face and the car, but Fille is determined to disassociate and withdraw all that belongs to her and that includes the car.

In an emotional chat with The Kampala Sun, Fille admits that she was aware he was exchanging messages and flirting with other women, he became highly protective of his phones which are all password protected.

But like a leopard that will not change its spots, Kats has failed to change over the three years they officially started dating. “I am a strong Christian girl. All this while, I tried to change him and make him a better person,” she starts.
When we explain the investigation results in typical Cheaters reality TV style – the dirty dancing, snogging and hobnobbing with women, she isn’t moved. She appears resolute but resigned. She doesn’t want to look at our pictures and doesn’t want to ever associate with the girls mentioned.



“You aren’t the first people to tell me this. He’s been doing it. Everyone knows and people have told me how he has been disrespecting me in public,” she goes on before severing links: “I don’t want to associate with him anymore. He is an embarrassment to me, my family and my beliefs. That is not how I was brought up. I have moved on with my life,” she tells The Kampala Sun.

According to Fille, whatever Kats does in public is his business. She is determined to bring up her daughter sole-handedly while focusing on her career.
Half sniggering, she declares, “I love music and I know I am talented. When I move on with my music career you will see. He might contributed to my growth, but I can make it on my own.”
Branding his behaviour an embarrassment, she declares with finality, “He lied to me but right now; I’m comfortable and happy,” she concludes.

Kats recycles women
A close friend says that every time Kats goes out, he endeavours to leave with a girl in the bar. If he fails, he will at least try his luck with a waitress. That is how addicted he is to skirts.
Some of the other women he has been spotted with this month include a one Racheal who features in Mun G’s video, Follow My Rules and a one Amanda. We observed him snap her from a quarrelsome boyfriend on a night out at Laftaz Lounge. Kats provided a shoulder to cry on and the rest were frequent trips to his home.
In our latest and most successful trail that started at 9:00pm at the Zzina awards, held at Labonita, we followed up on Kats until 8:30 am Saturday morning, where he took Sharon Gasana to his home.