Joe Kigozi’s 442 tactics backfire

Joe Kigozi’s 442 tactics backfire


NBS TV’s Head of Corporate Affairs, Joe Kigozi is an expert analyst at football. He, however, has problems analyzing women’s feelings and mapping his way around their hearts and loins.
Kigozi, whose marriage to Diana Basemera Kigozi, suffered a turbulence after she went to live several oceans away in Boston USA with their son, appears to be on the prowl again.

Moles bumped into him by the roadside sweet talking a chick with glamorous looks, a curvaceous figure and a bee-sting pout similar to that of his absentee wife who left for the US almost three years ago.
It wasn’t readily clear what he was telling her for minutes on end, but he seemed to be pleading his case.



From his body language, it was an affair that ended before it could start. He appeared fidgety and jerky. He looked like one narrating his problems rather than one driving the point home. In football lingo, Joe Kigozi scored an own goal and was relegated to lower divisions.