Dammit! Are you standing or not?

Dammit! Are you standing or not?


Once again, let’s lead with former Prime Minister and NRM Secretary General John Patrick Amama Mbabazi, who has continued with this enigmatic

“I will tell you when I am going to tell you what I am going to tell you when I tell you” response to the question, “Are you standing for President or not, dammit?!”

He was at it again last weekend, at a public event as usual, where he said a number of provocative things, if you’re one of those people who can’t stand the idea that more than one person can be deeply ‘loved’ by more than one supporter of a political party at the same time.

We cannot claim that we cannot wait for that time to come because we are certainly enjoying the comedic effect of this period.
The best hit of the week came from erstwhile NRM Spokesperson Ofwono Opondo who tweeted of his former boss: “JPAM will soon ‘break’ his silence to your disappointment in support of Pres Museveni & NRM he has always supported…”

For most of the week, the man himself as @AmamaMbabazi on Twitter, sent just one tweet: “Congratulations Arsenal on winning the FA Cup yet again! It was an excellent performance!” – and we just know that political analysts are soon going to check how many times he has tweeted in support of ANY Ugandan football team, while all Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool supporters are going to ditch him very, very soon.
Politics is NOT as easy as soccer!