I never recruited anyone- Bebe Cool

I never recruited anyone- Bebe Cool


Although Bebe Cool registered Gagamel as a business arm 18 years ago after breaking away from Fire Base, it was only recently that it sprung into real life.-Thanks to the Gagamel phamily and the diehard Facebook fans.
He admits that much has they have been his vanguards, sometimes they have crossed the line and he often meets to put them in check.
For instance, one phamily member, John Iga Matovu recently took to social media to wish Jose Chameleone a happy 48th birthday, something which fuelled unnecessary friction between both camps. He duly banned all members of his crew against any talk or social media posts about rival Jose Chameleone.
“These people are my critical supporters. They came to me with an idea of starting a close knit phamily where we can mutually grow and benefit each other and I welcomed the idea.
Today, we are close to 400 and we identify each other by name, address, common goal and sometimes problems,” He told Kampala Sun. It is these who have spearheaded most of his charity works like most recently at Nakifuma Health Centre III in Mukono district.

Dr Kalungi (inset) dedicated his degree to the Gagamel Phamily
Dr Kalungi (inset) dedicated his degree to the Gagamel Phamily

If you thought Bebe Cool was highly opinionated, try posting anything snide about him on social media. You are assured of a barrage insults with similar profane diction from the zealous fans. These are over 5000 and they will pick up a fight on his behalf. Bebe Cool admits that controlling these is a tad hard.
“Yes, these are my zealous fans that sometimes hurt more than I do. I have always advised them to refrain from confrontation and insults but some are stubborn. I have since downsized on the number and retained fans who can reason logically and coherently but some bad apples still exist,” he admits.
Bebe Cool’s Gagamel Phamily members were however unanimous and received his blessings when they resolved to boycott the Jinja Road based Club Amnesia which threw them out for ‘occupying space and not buying enough beer’
Throwing a veiled barb at their replacements, Mowzey and Weasel they reasoned: “Why should we go to a place that does not longer play live music? For us it’s all about live music or nothing”
They were equivocal in pouring scorn on Galaxy FM’s DJ Nimrod who accused their god of borrowing sh10, 000 and failing to pay!
Recently, more than 10 Gagamel Phamily members graduated from different academic institutions and Bebe Cool threw a mega graduation party for them at his father’s Kiwatule Recreation Centre poolside.

Bebe Cool’s Phamily on a recent road trip to Mbarara

The ones that went away
It hasn’t always been rosy. Some members, especially the band and back up have since left with Denzo, one of the latest to leave.
He joined singer Rema Namakula and Edith K (Edith Nantabazi) who unceremoniously left. Both Rema and Edith, who were lead vocalists, were pushed out of the Phamily for disobeying their boss.
On the firing, Bebe cool says “They (Rema and Edith) didn’t put the rules into consideration as we agreed. I would rather stay with one person who understands the group’s agenda.”

Edith Khey replaced Rema as Bebe Cool main back up singer
Edith Khey replaced Rema as Bebe Cool main back up singer

Whereas Bebe Cool insists that Denzo left on his own volition to start his own dancehall crew, we have since learnt from sources that the musician, who was on Bebe’s side for many years left because of the irregular peanuts he received from the boss.
Love him or hate him, applaud him or berate him, Bebe Cool’s is a world you either fully buy into or not at all – the dictionary definition of a cult hero.