Inside Bebe cool’s cult

Inside Bebe cool’s cult



Uganda has one cult musician. He is Bebe Cool. To some of us he is just a musician but to an ever increasing number of people he is God (Forgive the blasphemy).
Just when we thought his Gagamel Phamily constituted idle youth with the knack to insult whoever angers their easily irritable idol online, it is different.
Bebe Cool is so powerful; he enjoys the status of a deity. He has got a ‘phamily’ of over 400, plus thousands of zealous Facebook fans who are identified by the willingness to suck his middle finger innocuously and defend him regardless.
Such is the obsession that his music and persona is treated like a drug of choice. These are not any star struck teenagers swayed by hormones and music or those looking for a belonging. Some members are in their 40’s but would gladly take a bullet for Bebe Cool.
Like The Kampala Sun investigated and found out, there are some group members who have abandoned their professional jobs and allot little time to their families, just to be around Bebe Cool.
From individuals like Chizzo (Richard Lubega) the former UK Based Ugandan singer who joined Gagamel and gave up all plans of returning to UK to a one Latim, (a.k.a Latti) who abandoned lecturing at St Lawrence University to become Bebe Cool’s aide.
They have since been joined by others like a one Richard Kleberson, a former Total Uganda employee, now co-ordinator and marketer at Gagamel, a one Jonah Iga Matovu, Hannah Nayoga, Stanley Mutebi (businessmen) and a one Dr. Richard Kalungi, who recently graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine degree from Makerere University. The group early this year lost a diehard member Faith Tushabe.

Gagamel Football Club constitutes fans with Bebe Cool as the captain, manager, coach, spiritual leader .
Gagamel Football Club constitutes fans with Bebe Cool as the captain, manager, coach, spiritual leader .

Every evening they gather at Ntinda based 8 Winks Hotel under the guise of pushing the Gagamel Phamily agenda, while indulging in exotic drinks.
Whenever Bebe Cool is in town, he will make it a point to pass by, usually from C & C Health club where he gyms to revel in their adulation. He passes on his orders to them at such gatherings. They then pass on to the peripheral members who are mainly online.
Just so you know how much influence Bebe Cool has on his Gagamel phamily, at Winks Hotel where they usually meet, it appears that all members are weaned on Jameson’s Whiskey, which was Bebe Cool’s ‘official’ drink. It is only recently that he was approached by Uganda Breweries to promote the Double Black and Blue Label. They haven’t adjusted easily because of price constraints.
These and many others fight Bebe Cool’s battles all day, every day! What do they earn? Nothing! Some instead give him and have embraced his charity works like their lives depend on it. Like Sheebah would ask: Akikola atya by the way?
l Order from above
We have since learnt that Bebe Cool recently decreed that his fans use his Go Mama concert cover as their social media profile picture ahead of his concert at Serena Hotel on August 7.
The results were instantaneous as over 5000 soldiers obeyed and even went on a recruitment drive to popularize the album as an order from top management

Bebe’s  diehards cheering him in a concert
Bebe’s diehards cheering him in a concert

One of the avid recruits, a 40-year-old businessman, identified as Stanley Mutebi who we met at the 8 Winks Hotel says there is something mystical about Bebe Cool that keeps fans gravitating towards him.
He believes that the Nkola Byafaayo singer is a lightning rod for ideas and inspiration. “He is first a person and then a musician. He is one person who is free, open and frank. He will let you know when he is short of sh10,000. When you are in need, he is the kind who will spend all the money on him to help you and belatedly realize he has a financial shortage,” he says.
Mutebi’s first encounter with Bebe Cool was through curiosity. He knew Bebe Cool as one with typical young-person arrogance. “I wasn’t his fan. I knew him as a man who argues and fights. He is different from what people say,” he confesses.
Like someone who is hooked, Mutebi purrs on about Bebe’s teddy-bear warmth, he believes one of the greatest honours he has ever received is occasionally chauffeuring Bebe Cool.