Maggie has no right to PROPERTY ­­— THE LAW

Maggie has no right to PROPERTY ­­— THE LAW


She has no right to PROPERTY ­— THE LAW AK47’S WIFE

Even when Margret tried to seek justice with her parents giving her a hand to claim her kids’ house, she has no legal rights that can stand to defend her and the kids. Domestic violence fighting organizations like FIDA that could have come to her rescue also work under the law and actually have limits so they couldn’t interfere with such family issues.
Uganda’s Parliament enacted the Domestic Relations bill of 2003 that relates to marriage, separation and divorce; to provide for the types of recognised marriages in Uganda, marital rights and duties, grounds for breakdown of marriage, rights of parties on dissolution of marriage and for other connected purposes.

The bill was giving both parties (the man and the woman) authority over the property they acquired in a period of two years of the relationship or marriage. It considered all sorts of relationships; civil, church, customary marriages and also cohabitation, where Maggie who had cohabited with Emma for over seven years, would be obliged to have a share of his property. Unfortunately, the bill has been discussed East to West and still failed to make it into law.
For those of Maggie’s ilk, it is sad. She will have no option but to get back to the UK and work as hard as she can to attain property for her kids because the Uganda laws have actually left her in misery.
This gives a chance to other women like Kenzo’s Rema and Mbuga’s Leila Kayondo who might fall prey to such issues to legalize their relationships before their husbands pass on (it sounds rude but true). Maggie Kiwesi’s in-laws denied her kids property with claims that she wasn’t legally married to their son.