Untold Story: Magogo’s Side Dish Becomes main dish

Untold Story: Magogo’s Side Dish Becomes main dish


By Winnie Nakassanje

The name is Dorah Dellah Sally, a name that sends chills down many people’s spines. And they are quite influential people, like footballers, FIFA officials, CECAFA officials and anyone who can cross the path of FIFA. Her role and position? She is the side dish of the FUFA president, Moses Magogo.

Football fanatics have seen her and assumed she is Magogo’s cousin, sister or such a near relative. We can now confirm that she is Magogo’s other woman; the one he regards as “woman most powerful.” And she knows it.
“I and Moses are dating.

He is not my relative or friend like the others have said,” proudly said Dorah Dellah Sally, the mysterious girl who has been spotted on several occasions with the FUFA boss, Moses Magogo. Just like it has been suspected, the two are an item and the girl feels so content that she has been introduced to the public.
And what an introduction she is making of it. Whenever Magogo gets and invitation that reads “Mr. and Mrs. ….” she tags along. Everyone knows her as his wife. She has rubbed shoulders with Jennifer Musisi, with CAF officials, with the Uganda Cranes’ stars, with sponsors, with …, with …., with Magogo’s body and jackets. She rolls like that, in your face.

To her, it is no longer surprising that she has featured in a number of newspapers. And when people ask, “But who are you?” she looks down at them (she loves the high heels) with that I-don’t-mind attitude. “I don’t mind what the public thinks. This is Kampala and I don’t have to hide from anything or anyone,” is her explanation. Those standing on the high moral horse will call this a dumb excuse, but you have to accept this chick’s level of confidence. Gold digger, go-getter, choose what to call her, but she still frowns down on you. “If he chooses to go out with me, who are you to ask who I am and why me?”
We learnt about her power, as a side dish when she made Magogo go deaf and dumb on the issue. He does not discuss her in the media. He is a man who discusses football and this jewel is much treasured than a mere ball kicked about by 22 men.

“I do not discuss such issues in the media,” he said,

like the issue at hand was molten lava no man can touch.

I am not splitting his family, I am his family – Dorah
You know when a chick is over a man, try to bring her to her level by asking serious questions. “Now, Dorah, you know Moses has a wife at home. Aren’t you going to split his family?” Then she laughs, Kampala-girl style. “There is nothing like Magogo’s family I might be splitting because we (Dorah and Magogo) wouldn’t be attending public functions together. Moses has kids just like any other man but does that mean he has a family?” While under the shock of her “dryness”, she just rants on, “I am not a cougar that I pay him to move with me in public, he loves me because of what I give him.”
She insists that if their relationship was a secret, she wouldn’t be posting pictures of them to split his so called marriage.
Just like any other girl who is considered the other woman and always wants to be in the limelight just because she is seeing someone’s man, Dorah brags of how everyone tries to sneak their noses into their relationship.

“If anyone wants to know about our affair, they should ask us, specifically me, because I have all the answers,” she brags.

It is obvious that Dorah must be taking over like she anticipates since the so called Mrs. Magogo hasn’t even been spotted anywhere with or next to her husband and getting to her at her alleged home in Nateete isn’t as easy as anyone would think. She could be living a life of an abandoned wife, with no parties at all. Those who know her claim she is never home during day because she works and no one is sure of the time she comes back home. The only person with her contact is her husband, probably.

“I know that I am involved with a known person and I have to be protecting him if need be but he never limits me. He actually allows me to update the pictures on social media; our relationship is no longer a secret, we are known,” Dorah says.

She insists that if there is anything like the family talked about in Nateete, we should actually ask him why he chooses to go to public with her and not his wife.
And then there is the rumour that has refused to go away. That Magogo started a business venture for her, a salon that doubles as a boutique and little massage parlour. It is located at The Kampala Boulevard on Kampala Road. That is where this interview took place. “You say I am not the main dish. I have all this and much more. What do others have?” she looks into my face without blinking.

“Magogo doesn’t sponsor everything I have,” she quickly adds. “But he is still a man who of course has to foot the necessary bills. I am a girl, he has to make some payments for instance when we meet in public places like Serena. At my birthday in Guvnor, how would I have invited all those people if it weren’t for him?” she bragged.

“About us formalizing the relationship and more to come about us, I still call that private but am sure you will soon get that information. Nothing can be hidden forever; sooner or later you will get all the details you want about me and Moses but for now, just know that we are dating.”