Jackie O in relationship blues

Jackie O in relationship blues


By Kampala Sun writer

In October, Jackie O (Tumusime) will be married in a traditional ceremony. In December, she will be wed in church. However, before that was the kukyala and now Jackie O is pregnant and lonely; lonely because her man is turning out as a bit of a hoax (fake).
Well, things did not exactly take that order. First she fell in love, which she immediately consummated with abandon. With an no holds barred attitude, meaning that no contraceptives were used, Jackie ended up with a bump, which keeps pushing against her clothes.

Our undercover sources reveal that when Jackie conceived, her father tasked her to bring to him the man responsible for the pregnancy. The man responsible works in the top management of URA, and that can only mean that he has the dimes.
Immediately the kukyala was organised under Jackie’s dad’s influence.

Jackie’s dad is not a simple man. He is influential and popular in the village. He is honoured like a king and his children are treated like royalty. For years, he has lived up to that billing. He would not let his daughter go off like that, with a pregnancy that would bring shame to the family.
Her daughter had to be given away in style. The kukyala was hard, and it made everything in the village stop. It was so massive many of the villagers, like the groom-to-be, thought it was the kwanjula. The man showed up amidst the pomp and promised to come back in October for the introduction. Excited, he went a step ahead of what was demanded of him.

“Then in December, I will take her to church for the wedding,” he muttered.

Well, we have since learnt that things have taken a turn for the worse in Jackie’s relationship that is still in its infancy. Her Expected Date of Delivery (E.D.D) is just next door. However, she is in a state of bother. Instead of feeling and listening to the kicks of the baby, she is busy trying to tame the bad boy character in father of her unborn child.
All that good behaviour and good manners were last seen and put on display in Bushenyi during the kukyala. First there was the unsettling rumour which took long to go away. Some crafty person came up with a claim that the man had been married to another woman earlier, and that Jackie was a husband snatcher, a second wife so desperate to take on other people’s property.

“Jackie was not bothered by the rumours. It is the guy’s sudden change that is worrying Jackie. He changed into an uncaring man and he no longer drops by at Jackie’s home in Kira,” says Jackie’s close friend who also stays in Kira.
She narrates on detail about the couple’s exchanges.

“These days, Jackie has to go through a lot to convince him to visit,” she says. “It could take days for him to be convinced.” Perhaps he feigns a busy schedule, since he is a tax man.

That is something Jackie is trying to come to terms with. That as long as they are not married, she may have to live as a single pregnant woman. It gives an assurance that it will be short-lived.
However, what is more worrying is that the man has stopped all the talk about marriage plans. Soon after the kukyala, he kept in close contact with his in-laws, giving them details about the forthcoming kwanjula and church wedding. “Jackie’s dad likes the guy and already regards him as son-in-law. He would be shocked to hear that all is not well. Jackie is keeping him out of the know for the meantime,” adds the source.
About her pregnancy, Jackie recently posted on social media, “The most selfless thing I have had to do in my entire life is to carry this child, with every kick and turn I feel like God…Giving life to someone so willingly and yet not so sure of the out COME.”

Jackie O house and car
Jackie O house and car

How can Jackie fare as a single mother? She is an independent woman, and a rich one at that. She is still a leading member of Obsessions, and will take on gigs from time to time. She still sings, dances and acts, which is enough for any ordinary girl in Kampala.
However, Jackie is beyond ordinary. She owns a farm in Mukono and she may soon feature in Bukedde’s Omulimi Asinga competition, where the best farmer stands a chance to visit Netherlands. It is an ideal farm.
She also has a roof over her head, and the pregnancy. She owns a house in Kira, where she is currently staying. Although we did not go as far as her bedroom in our investigations, we can estimate that it is at least a three bedroom bungalow, complete with roof and floor tiles, and a sub-house attached to it. She is a celebrity and of course needs to keep off peeping Toms. She has built a wall fence around the house. Note that she now owns a house before a father of four, expecting a fifth – Bebe Cool. Just saying!