Pallaso takes over AK 47’s house

Pallaso takes over AK 47’s house



By Winnie Nakassanje

Mum’s the word” is a popular expression used by William Shakespeare. In the Mayanja threshold, it was bound to stay the Shakespearean way until Nalongo Maggie Kiwesi, AK 47’s widow granted The Kampala Sun an exclusive interview a fortnight ago.
The aftermath has borne accusations and counter accusations, claims of dishonesty, infidelity, paternity, as the deceased’s family accuse Maggie of being no saint. She is accused of dating a one Isaac Ssozi Semanyi who is the real dad of the twins.
As the Mayanja family plans to subject the twins to DNA, they have also gone ahead to institute some punitive measures. The latest we hear is that AK 47’s mother, Prossy Mayanja has ordered Pallaso to quit his rental in Makindye so he can take over AK 47’s house and also actively get involved in the upbringing of the kids if it turns out they are Mayanja blood.
Rather than banish the ‘talkative’ Maggie from their threshold, we understand that they have told her she can occupy the Seguku house if she is ready to stay with Pallaso under the same roof. In their estimation, Pallaso is the only bona-fide caretaker they recognise.
“It is true Pallaso has been told to shift from his rental rather than leave the house unoccupied,” a source told us.
When we corroborated the new developments to Maggie, she sounded cynical, almost aloof. In her estimation, she has no problems sharing the same roof with her brother-in-law but to think of cramming her children together with Pallaso’s in that tiny house is what she cannot comprehend.

“We would surely suffocate under that roof. I don’t mean it in a bad way, but I think both families (Pallaso’s and AK’s children) deserve better than to cram in that house,” she said.

It is also likely that she will let any doctor, herbalist or Maama Fiina do the DNA. She expresses readiness to have the process undergone BUT insists that they should be tested from specific hospitals in London, where they were delivered. They only came to Uganda at one month.

 On her relationship with Isaac Ssozi and Brenda
This week started with allegations of her relationship with one Isaac Ssozi Ssemaanyi with evidence of pictures the two took from Maggie’s home in Kiwatule and others of Maggie dressed in a gown confirming that the two are planning to take vows.
Maggie claims she prays from the same church with Isaac with whom they are alleged to have a relationship.

“I just know him as a brother from Church and nothing else. He offered to visit the twins in the company of some other sister from church called Brenda.
Wherever I go and people recognise me, they tend to feel pity for what happened to me and my kids and so were Isaac and Brenda. They offered to pay me a visit from church one Sunday. It is Brenda who leaked the pictures with a forged story,” she explains.

According to Nalongo, she welcomed Brenda, a 3rd year Law student at Makerere University to her home not knowing that she would later betray her for little money.

“Brenda works with Humphrey Mayanja and Mariyan Abdul Saad. She once called me to meet her for dinner and I told her I was meeting Sam Mukasa (King Saha’s manager) who had promised me money for my kids. She told me not to be tempted to sleep with him as she would get me clients with more money, I was shocked!” she recalls.

On the wedding gown
Maggie claims when she uploaded a photo of herself dressed in a white wedding gown posing with her son Xavier Andre Mayanja everyone confirmed she was getting married.
She says that her Mother who lives in the US is a fashion designer so she sends those dresses to Carol her big sister to market them here in Uganda.

“I wore the gown to pose for pictures to be used in an advert. These are to be put online for marketing purposes. Brenda downloaded this picture from my Instagram account to beef up the marriage story. We even took those dresses to the Uganda Registration Services Bureau for hire. They have our gowns and changing dresses,” she says.

 On her detractors, Humphrey, Rita Kaggwa, Mariyan Saad
Maggie believes that her enemies have used the services of UK-based online gossip, Rita Live Kaggwa to bring her down. She adds that Kaggwa and Humphrey Mayanja are good friends.

“Humphrey insists my kids should go for DNA to prove they are Emma’s kids but I am surprised he never talks about Kyle. He should know that I am no longer hurt by their actions and insults, Emma doesn’t have another chance to live but he died knowing that my kids were his blood so it is upon them to do whatever they want.
Someone sent me Humphrey’s Facebook profile pictures and asked me to read the comments which she thought were shooting at me, I didn’t bother because I don’t have a Facebook account and I wasn’t ready to fight someone who is not the father of my kids,” she says.

Maggie says she respects her Mother in law a lot but gets surprised when she (Mrs. Mayanja) still insists she had something to do with AK47’s death.

“I was taken to Police immediately after Emma’s death and I recorded a statement, as if that insult wasn’t bad enough I am still hounded. I lost Emma and it pains me every day. For them to subject me to double misery is something I leave to God. Only he can judge me for he knows the pain I face every day,” she concludes.