Nigerians shine at 1st NANSU Climax Award.

Nigerians shine at 1st NANSU Climax Award.


By Kampala Sun writer.

Nigerians are so educated; chances are high that if you randomly threw a stone at a public gathering it would hit a professor or doctor.  With that Nigerian joke in mind, we attended the inaugural -Nigeria- Ugandan chapter Student Awards at Club Venom last Saturday.

If the intellect, poise and purpose shown by the over 300 Nigerians who attended the inaugural awards was anything to go by, there are over 300 Nigerian ‘professors’ in Uganda.

Even though they carried themselves like they were on set for a Ki-Nigeria movie (in dress), it was a serious event which lived up to the hype, thanks to the indefatigable organizing Chairman, Filibus Askapnde Tanko of Kampala University.

Over 100 Nigerian students studying in major universities in Uganda vied for the 24 categories and at the end of it all, Johnson Adejumobi Ajekunle, a law student and guild speaker at Cavendish University bagged the Star Award.

Shortlists were drawn from Makerere University, Busoga University, Kampala University, Kampala International University, Bugema, Nkozi, Kyambogo, and MUBS among others.

Abuja restaurant was voted best Nigerian Hangout, while Dr Tajudeen Sani a lecturer at The KIU faculty of Law, was voted the best male lecturer while the female gong was taken by Dr. Ijoma Anumaka, of KIU’s faculty of Education.

The glitzy event was only soured by singer Pallaso who caused a scuffle over extra money to perform at the climax of the red carpet event.    The event was also graced by the Chairman of the Nigerian community in Uganda, Engineer Kunle.


Winners at a glance

1.    Best Nigerian restaurant- Abuja restaurant

2.    Entrepreneur of the year: Ismail Rano (IUIU)

3.    Best lecturer (male)- Dr. Tajudeen Sani

4.    Best lecturer (female)- Dr. Ijoma Anumaka

5.    Nobility award: (male) Zaharadeen bdul Malik

6.    Nobility award (female)- Acquilah Modupe

7.    Personality of the year: Hisham Aliyu

8.    Female personality: Catherine ofikwa

9.    Most social student: Male- Zaharadeen Tahr

10.                      Most social student-Female- Lettie Moore

11.                      Most Endowed student- Yusuf Ahmed Zayyad

12.                      Most endowed student-female- Milcah Elisha

13.                      Most swaggering student- Joseph Okala-male

14.                      Most swaggering student- Yolanda O’jelam

15.                      Best local chapter: Nigerian Students Association (NANSU)

16.                      Best local chapter president: Hafez Ado Sani

17.                      Most handsome: Raphael  Adjeumobi

18.                      Most beautiful: Abigail Msuur Hwande

19.                      Best Couple:  Msong / Awel

20.                      Most popular student male: Adamu Yarma Ahmed-

21.                      Most popular female- Priscilla Musa

22.                      Most expensive male-Babangida Abdullahi

23.                      Most expensive female-Pamela Okugmu

24.                      Star award- Johnson Adejumobi Ajekunle.

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