White women in sex scandals at National Theatre

White women in sex scandals at National Theatre


As cases of black girls throwing themselves at white guys increase, a certain clique of female white tourists has embarked on laying all the black men at national theater. They promise these men, most of them struggling financially, a fortune and visas, only to dump them after the act.
The National theatre has over the years, become the ultimate hang out for individuals who genuinely appreciate or pretend to have a unique eye for art. This implies that artist’s faces, rowdy faces with unkempt hair and dirty thick dreadlocks that make them look like they sleep in the Nakivubo trench are common here. Because, see, it’s art. Dirt is art. Mistakes are art. And those many scars in their faces, are art. Heck, it is probably artistic to sleep on the streets. You know those filthy mad men you see napping on the streets, usually, next to dustbins? The ones that rock mysteriously stinky and filthy long thingamajigs on their heads? (Think the famous guy who has a fly-less jean-short that leaves his loins hanging about as he goes about his daily hustle of looking for what to eat in dust bins. Many women will attest to the fact that his very existence in that state is the same as men’s reaction to Desire Luzinda’s kitone) They too, might be artists, and adroit ones with a fame in the arts and culture fraternity. And that fame, folks, is what brings them to National theatre. Because here, they are worshiped like Kings by the white ladies who target them specifically. These Rastafarians are the source of attraction for all the white chics at National theatre.
Fetishes, the sole cause of the many relationships
The idea of why a well groomed white woman would fall for a dirty or most of the times, stinky black man is a tad unsettling. Disturbing still, to groomed men who throng National theatre only for their darts at wooing white chics to be ignored. Mos Opten alias Opio Moses, a renowned graffiti artist who plies his trade from Sharing centre in Nsambya is a regular at National theatre and he reveals that most of the white chics who date from National theatre have fetishes. “They know where they will find the kempt, groomed and handsome men but they choose here for a reason . They come into the relationships with particular forms of sex at mind and they know the groomed men can’t give it to them so they come for these ones they can control. I know friends who have had sex with them and they claim it becomes a one way affair as they orchestrate the feats in the whole coital session.” Said Mos.
The brokenness makes it easier for the white chics to woo them.
Most of the regulars at national theatre are visual and graffiti artists, forever upcoming musicians, among others, a stance that serves to imply that their incomes are not that sufficient to facilitate the life that they wish for. Most of them are at the extremities of bleak as they come from ghettos. “And as such, they look at the white chics as their only chance at redemption.” Said Mos Opten.


Change their lives
As they weave through the prey available, the white chicks pick favorites on the basis of talent. And as such, the white chicks feign interest in whatever the artists do (some genuinely do have the interest) and go the extra mile and fund their exhibitions after which the little business relationship turns into a sexual relationship.
“Here, the most sought after men by the white chicks are guys like Xenson who are very talented at their work. I also know of a guy whose work wasn’t all that good but a certain white chic approached him and funded his first exhibition after which they started dating. They didn’t last long though.” Said an insider at national theater.
Used and dumped.
Most of these relationships, unsurprisingly don’t take long because according to a source at National theatre, the white chics are interested in these men strictly for the sex and in most cases, after the first engagement in coitus, they dump them and look for others. During the recent We love Uganda event, last Saturday, the Kampala sun talked to a couple of white girls who, after refusing to come on record, said a number of intriguing things. The first one, after revealing she was from Czech, said she came down here to have fun. “I wouldn’t mind dating anyone from this community” she said after being asked if she’d dated any one from the national theatre community. But when asked if she could consider a long relationship with them, she frowned and looked around and said, “not with these ones”. While the second one, with a Germany nationality intimated about how she’d had several relationships with the artists around but none had the intellect to stay in a relationship with her. A stance that is supposed to relay the fact that their relationships border on strictly coitus.
Celebrities with white chics.
Eddy Kenzo is seen cruising around with a white chic. How they communicate? It’s a language, a sign language Eddy Kenzo has learnt so quickly.
Faisal Kiweewa, the director of the Bayimba festival of arts and the whole project, according to an insider is married to a white woman with whom they have a 13 year old son. And because the son grew up with the mum and later came to Uganda, he has a British accent that is inspiring almost all the artists at Bayimba to get white chicks so they can have off springs with British accents.
Maro, the self proclaimed Rn’B Kyabazinga was grassing; his musical success was still but a dream so far-fetched and ever becoming a star, back then, would be called an exaggeration. But that was till he met a white chick who rented for him his first house in Nsambya Kirombe and also, literally handed him his ticket outside the barracks where he was staying with his parents. The white chic later bought him a car and funded the studio recordings that saw his breakthrough.

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