Celebrities with disgusting tatoos

Celebrities with disgusting tatoos


By Julian Muhoozi
Lately, tattoos and all sorts of body art have become a trend that every modern thinking woman wants to associate with. With this penchant for the ink have come various body artists and parlors in this our dusty city. Tattoos look adorable on the ladies (as long as it’s not a serpent or a skull), and this explains why many are going for them. Of course others do them not only for the beauty, but also as inspiration. Some of the female celebrities that have hopped on this bandwagon are;
1. Zari: Going at the rate which she is putting ink on her body, Zari’s once flawless body could be no more a few years from now. Whether she adores her body more that way, or maybe she is trying to keep up with her baby daddy, Diamond, Zari seems to be leaving no part un-inked. She has gradually dazzled her body with numerous body arts and most prominent is the big one below her ribcage, right there on the sensual spot. She also has stars that run from her neck down below between her shoulder blades. And of course the ankle tattoo. And that may not be all. There could be others not meant for the public eye.zari tatto

2. Sheeba Karungi: The “Twesana” sensation is the latest culprit after going through a tattoo ordeal for her fans’ sake. She recently added a tattoo on her body collection with the words “sheebaholic” meant for her fans who are addicted to her. On her back is an inspirational “I’m strong, I’m worthy, I’m beautiful’ I’m imperfect and am me”. And on her index finger she has a Rihanna-like tat, but instead of Rihanna’s “shhh”, Sheeba’s is of her short name “Shee”. Plus one on ankle which she put to cover an embarrassing scar. She shared photos taken when she was being pierced and captioned it “hey sheebaholics, this is for you! I love you, appreciate you and I got you at heart. Tomorrow it’s making a week. I can’t wait for it to heal so you can see it”. We wonder if she might allow the sheebaholics to touch the scarred tattoo on her ankle.

sheeba karungi


3. Desire Luzinda has got herself a rose tat gracing the right side of her lower tummy and it is rumored that the flower goes all the way down there, where it has deep roots. The singer admitted that she loves tattoos because they enhance her body and truth be told, it looks yummy (stay with me men, don’t be clutching on your crotches just yet) right there on her midriff. And like any other people that have invested in tattoos, she sure loves to show it off in crop tops, alongside her pierced navel.

desire luzinda

4. Leila Kayondo: unlike many female celebrities who prefer to tattoo the parts that are meant to be covered and hence find an excuse to display them more often, Mbuga’s ex girl went for one on her neck. But like every copy cat work, some bodies are not meant for tattoos because of their complexion. It’s barely visible and no one goes through that piercing ordeal and expects barely visible results. But because it goes from the neck to the upper back, and some on her upper arm, it can do.

leila kayondo tatto

5. Juliana: this “woman” diva has got a tattoo on her left hand that is really nothing much to write home about. Maybe we should ask King Lawrence if she has some “secret” tattoos elsewhere on her body; that dude could even have a photo to go with.


6. Barbie: This list would be invalid without the ghetto first lady who out did herself when she braved the needle to plant her hubby’s face on her back. Very bold move this was but it pays off every time Bobi wine comes from behind and looks at himself on his wife. This one is a winner.

barbie tatoo

7. Helen Lukoma: she always goes for over-the-top in most things she does; from posing nude, to posting the said nudes online, and this could be the reason why she decided to get a tattoo that is right above her cookie. It’s a sexy gesture, especially when done with a lover in mind, or even to enhance one’s sexuality. And yes hers looks sexy, and edible too if we think along the same lines.

hellen lukoma