Western region musicians in big fight with NRM over Tubonga Nawe money

Western region musicians in big fight with NRM over Tubonga Nawe money


By Ronnie Twinamasiko

Musicians in western region, Hoima and the neighboring districts are furious with the NRM (National resistance movement) party. This, they claim, is because the party is hiring musicians from Kampala to perform at the campaign rallies held in the region yet they also have songs that praise the party.

The musicians have drawn machetes in a seemingly ruthless bid to demonstrate against what they feel is a callous act by the ruling party. Mostly, they vow to shun all NRM programs in the region and to transfer their support to the opposition.

“I together with other musicians in Hoima will not perform at President Museveni’s rally in Hoima and the surrounding constituencies. NRM doesn’t recognize our contribution we do play as artists. They have ignored our songs for the NRM party and President Museveni despite our efforts and investments,” one furious musician, Figo West, a renowned western region musical artist.

According to Figo, musicians in the region are plotting a protest under the theme Nyangire Music Crusade which translates to I have refused. In an English post devoid of punctuation, the artist ranted;

“They have expensively hired expensive musicians from Kampala to perform on local soil despite our presence. This marginalization and no consideration cannot be accepted and we condemn it in the strongest point possible. If not addressed well, we shall in the shortest time mobilize citizens in the region to vote for the opposition. All what we as local musicians have not been recognized by the organizers’ of rallies in Bunyoro. The people of Bunyoro need respect. They consume and enjoy Bunyoro songs and musicians. The musicians from the region have not benefited from the one week long President Museveni’s trail in the Bunyoro region. If NRM cannot recognize our contribution to it, we doubt if it can develop it. The party has sponsored Kampala based artists in the region for one week but is unable to facilitate, promote and appreciate what local music and musicians have done to it. We can stage a Nyangire music Crusade against the NRM. Where do they want us to sing from? How often have they engaged Bunyoro musicians to sing elsewhere including Kampala? We can and may creatively engage the move to mobilize for opposition if the NRM doesn’t rectify their methods of work on local talent.”

Figo and the many artist’s fury-induced decisions might be an example of the many bad decisions people make in January. Yet he feels that feats otherwise, and on that effect, talks like he is solely championing a revolution that will rescue the musicians in the west from herding cattle.

When The Kampala Sun contacted him to specify the number and names of other musicians involved, he said they were many. He insisted on using the phrase “most of us” in every statement. And the “most of us” could as well be him and his January problems but then, that is a story for another day.

“Most of us in the region are going to boycott the party. Except maybe, for those village musicians who could actually go against our plans,” he relayed.

Musicians that NRM has been using through its campaign trail include; Bebe Cool, Chameleone, King Saha, Catherine Kusasira, just to name a few.