Singer Jaq Deweyi carries good news for Ugandan musicians

Singer Jaq Deweyi carries good news for Ugandan musicians


Jaq Dewyi

In association with Battle Tunes, Singer/Song writer, Radio Presenter, Jaq Deweyi has announced an opportunity that will give recording artists a chance to promote and distribute their music world-wide through International digital distributors, CD Baby.

The opportunity is as a result of an initiative called “Artists At An Exhibition”
Artists At An Exhibition is an initiative for recording artists seeking for opportunities in the areas of Distribution & promotion. The initiative is a compilation (Album) of 17 great tracts from a diverse compilation of artists. In brief, you submit your best song to be included on an Album.

Benefits as an Artist

  1. Distribution deals (Local & International)
    2. New fans
    3. Product Endorsements
    4. Expanded image & reputation as recording artists
    5. Establish new music Industry relationships
    6. CD release
    7. Lots of free advertising.
    8. Proceeds from Album digital sales will be equally shared.

All you need to be part of this project is for you being a recording artist, submit your best recorded song and a small commitment fee.

Your commitment fee will be a cover for;
1. CD (Album) cover art
2. Mastering of songs
3. CD manufacturing
4. International Distribution & Promotion by CD Baby

Jaq Deweyi is a brand ambassador for Battle Tunes, a music social site and App.