Apass explains why he is homeless.

Apass explains why he is homeless.



By Kyle Duncan Kushaba

Apass recently took to social media to explain why he lives in a studio and not his own house like other normal human beings.

The musical artiste who had only recently, broken into the Ugandan musical spotlight is under pressure from the public after it was found that he stays in a studio as opposed to a home.

Most of his fans lashed out at him, siting that he makes enough money to afford himself a decent apartment to live in yet he insists on living in a studio in Makindye. The studio, according to sources, doubles as a house, office and also a hang out zone.

This, according to sources close to him is because the studio has free WiFi, something that presumably prompts him into fighting to finish the studios data bundles by scrolling through random girl’s pictures and then later posting them, asking them to marry him (think Flavia Tumusiime).

In reply to the prevalent wave of criticism, A Pass consoled himself with the notion that he made a promise to himself to work so hard during his 20’s so that he would celebrate in the evening of his life. The ‘Give me a kiss’ singer maintains that it is all about hustling and suffering now, in order to have a bright future.

“I made a promise to myself to spend the whole of my 20’s working hard and hustling,” He says

Well dude, get real! Even the hardest workers have an apartment!