The secret things the late Ak 47 left unfinished

The secret things the late Ak 47 left unfinished


By Ronnie Twinamasiko


Wednesday March-16-2016, marked exactly one year since AK47 (Emmanuel Mayanja) perished due to circumstances that remain mysterious up to date. Many people took to social media on Wednesday to express their heartfelt feelings about the deceased’s life.

Maggie Kiweesi, AK47’s widow posted; “The day you left home I couldn’t walk because I had just given birth to the twins and that was his last abroad show. R.I.P Emma n you’re truly missed by everyone. March 16, 2015 is the worst day of my life.”

A lineup of celebrities and family members including, Chameleone, Pallaso, Mikie Wine and others also shared touching messages in memory of the former dancehall artist. And in so doing, they reminded us of a number of things the dance hall natural left unfinished.

The House.

It is a public secret that Ak 47 was building a residential house in Seguku. With help from the brothers and members from the musical fraternity, however, a scheme was established to fundraise for the finishing of the house shortly after his death. It is not clear what results that scheme birthed.


According to reliable sources, AK47 had a number of music projects in studio. He had just released Ndi Mulokole, but had many songs in studio.

Although AK47’s former singing partner, Bakri Matovu, with whom they worked with as a duet under the record label, Team No Sleep, didn’t use social media to show the pain his friend’s death inflicted on him. The 18 &Over fame star told moles that they were moving to revive their duet.

“There’s a company that had expressed interest in investing in our careers. But they demanded we work together as a duo. I and Ak47 held several meetings and we had resolved to get back together. Death cut our plans short. He died a week after we had agreed to work together again,” Bakri told a mole.

It can be recalled that Ak47 and Bakri teamed up to sing together in 2014. The two however broke up after working together for about six months.

Raising a family

He also didn’t live to see his three little kids grow, including a set of twins. He also had two women, Maggie Kiweesi (who is mostly refered to as Nalongo because she mothered the deceased’s twins) and Mariane Abdul.

Nalongo Maggie Kiweesi had tattoed Ak 47’s name on her arm


Repairing the broken Mayanja brotherhood

At the time of his death, Ak 47 and his brothers; Chameleone and Weasel were not in good terms. Sources relay that he was closest to Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso and that they were always together. However, before he died, he was starting to rekindle a relationship with the whole of the family.