TGIF-Where the party at this weekend

TGIF-Where the party at this weekend


You could have had many turn offs this week. Kampala has been saturated with armed uniformed men. Many were tear-gassed, clobbered, among other things. All that didn’t excite you; forget. Forget and start your weekend on the right foot. Want to have fun?  Here is your ultimate plot guide for the weekend.

Omwana Wa Bandi Album launch

Boycott my foot! Radio and Weasel are such a great talent to boycott. The Gudlyf boys are launching their Omwana Wabandi Album Launch this evening at Hotel Africana. Entrance is 20k ordinary and 50k VIP

Ice Cream & Cake

The Ice and Cream Festival is happening on Sunday 15 at the Uganda Museum. You know how Ugandan girls scream Black Forest when cake is mentioned. But there are people in Uganda who can make better cake. Plus, imagine being in a place with a panoply of options. There will be lots of cake and Ice cream. And lots of entertainment from musicians Irene Ntale and Maro. Entrance is 20k adults and 10k children.

Xension Pro Afro Expression Exhibition opening at Afriart gallery on Friday

Xension is such a prolific artistic and whenever he has something new, there is a lot of excitement. His latest installment is called Xension Pro Afro, opening at Afriart Gallery this Friday at 6:00pm. 

Benezeri’s Made in Uganda concert at UMA Showgrounds on Saturday 

Benezeri recently went to social media to complain that almost 80% of his show had been sold to his fans but there was nothing coming from the big companies. If it comes it comes, if it doesn’t whatever. The Made in Uganda show concert will still go on at UMA Showgrounds on Saturday. Entrance is 20k and 100k V.I.P. It is a black tie affair.

Cook Off at Seven Hills, Kololo on Sunday

Yet another cook-off, yet another family joyous moment. It is happening at Seven Hills in Kololo on Sunday, just after Church service. Mark Kaheru is again running things, but hopefully he does not turn up in that blue T-Shirt that has become a part of his cehf’s uniform whenever he competes. Entrance is 10k.

Zzina Beach Carnival at Busabala on Sunday

We are informing up about a beach carnival at One Love Busabala mainly because Bobi Wine once said that we do not care about him. The Zzina beach Carnival will take place there on Sunday and Bobi Wine is one of the artistes who will perform. Entrance is 10k.

Lumumba Screening at National Theatre on Tuesday, 7pm

In these political times, it is important that you keep focus. The National Theatre is keeping a finger on the political pulse by screening the bio Lumumba on Tuesday. It is about Patrice Lumumba, that Congolese freedom fighter.