Sound Cup closed over rent arrears, Village Mall proving too expensive for...

Sound Cup closed over rent arrears, Village Mall proving too expensive for Maurice Kirya




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By Winnie Nakassanje
When musical artise, Maurice Kirya chose to shift his Restaurant, Sound Cup from Garden City to Village Mall, he painted it as an expansion. And indeed, it was a clever leap in business to leave Garden City for the pompous Village Mall in Bugolobi. There, he was in touch with his clients, the ones that suckled on Lugezigezi from their mothers breasts as toddlers and as such, will only associate with what is deemed classy by societal standards.
Friends hailed him as much as did his customers. But he might be failing them.  According to a source at Sound Cup, Kirya sent a message to his regulars customers last week on Friday informing them that Sound Cup would be closed for some time until further notice.
Our source further relays that his loyal customers, in a bid to ascertain how soon their restaurant would open again, made a few investigations. And the rumor that Garden City was confusing for him because the rent was paid in dollars and he thought that expensive. Unbeknownst to him (adds our source,) Village Mall was a lot expensive.

Sound Cup Restaurant, Village Mall Bugolobi
Sound Cup Restaurant, Village Mall Bugolobi

“Each shop is rated per square meter which is a lot more expensive than he expected,” one of his customers intimated to the Kampala Sun.

When we contacted Maurice Kirya about why the restaurant had been closed since Saturday, his answer was that of an uncertain man.

“We are renovating, I will let you know when we are opening again,” Kirya said, before promising to call us back for a better explanation because he was in studio. An hour later, he called and admitted it was rent.

“We are trying to sort out a few things. Mainly rent arrears. We will open as soon as these are sorted out. Things are difficult with the Land Lords of the mall but we are working on correcting that,” said an emotional Kirya.