Daisy Ejang tells pastors to go to hell

Daisy Ejang tells pastors to go to hell

Daisy Ejang, posing for photos instead of paying rent.
Daisy Ejang.

By Ronnie Twinamasiko

Gospel sensation, Daisy Ejang, loves the tabloid pages more than she loves to go to church. She’s always made herself a staple fodder. About a year ago, she peddled publicity driven stunts that she was dating fellow gospel artiste, Levixone, with whom she collaborated with on the song, Sweety.

When the stunt tilted no one, she feigned brokenness. It was reported that she had been kicked out of her pad in Nalya over rent arrears, but sources relay it was a hoax tailored to sell her music.

In a recent facebook post, it seems like the singer is back at it. She has not-so kind words for the pastors and event organizers. Daisy says she is sick of pastors who table peanuts to book her for a performance.

“It always disturbs me why some event organizers take gospel musicians for a ride. Yet we invest a fortune in our music careers. Someone wants to offer you for as little as transport money (10-20k) I don’t see any reason why you’d offer peanuts to Daisy Ejang and give exorbitant amounts to the secular artistes,” her post reads in part.

She goes ahead to highlight that little rewards are the reason many gospel musicians are swayed to  join the secular type of music.

“I have had my relationships with some pastors and former friends turn sour. Many have fallen out with me because I turned down their invites to perform at their events, churches, et al. These folks hold the perception that a gospel artist sings to win souls for Christ rather than to make money. Or a gospel artist sings for so little. One thing is for sure, by rewarding me with so little, you are cheapening my God and the talent he gifted me. The last thing I want to do in this world is to cheapen my God,” she emphazizes.

Whether this is just another antic to make headlines, we can’t tell. But if so, she has achieved that already.